The legitimate  heir

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The legitimate heir

By: Zayola123 OngoingUrban/Realistic

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All he ever wanted was to be successful and for this reason he's ready to work very hard. All his life,he thought he was an orphan because his mother died just when he was 15 and he never knew who his father was, probably dead, that's what he thought. He went to one of the most shabby highschool ever but was lucky enough to get a scholarship into one of the best college, mostly rich brats came here and while here,he work really hard to fulfill his dream and shine in his academic performance too. He got into a relationship with a beautiful girl called Benita but she left him in no time when he realized he's too poor even after everything he did for her and decided to date one of his bullies. But little did she know, less than a week after the break up he turned from a poor guy to the youngest billionaire in the country with his name under almost all the well known biggest companies too. Turned out his father who he always thought was dead was actually a billionaire who have been trying to find him after the death of his mother. He's capable of getting all the revenge he wanted on those who had bullied and looked down on him but will he? Find out......


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  • Omo Labake


    this seem like it's going to be interesting ...

    2023-09-01 23:40:52
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77 chapters
Chapter 1
"How can you buy such a cheap thing for me? Do you think I'm so cheap or am I not worth anything expensive"she yelled loudly,with a face clearly playing the victim. Her sad look and yelling quickly got a lot of attention from the people in the cafeteria. "You always buy cheap and common things for me,are you so lazy and poor?" She frowned. "But I got it with a big heart "Lyon said "what's the use of a big heart if you are lazy and don't even treat me well? Buying only cheap things and treating me like a cheap person, "she said. She proceeds to bring out the necklace which looks almost rusty and make sure people see it. Many people were now staring at them and we're laughing, especially at him,he felt so embarrassed. No matter how he tried to calm his girlfriend down,she just wouldn't budge and said all sorts of things. He felt so humiliated and people's mockery added to his humiliation. As if that was not enough,she threw the necklace at him and added a few insults to it, saying
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Chapter 2
After he left the cafeteria, he was at a loss,he couldn't stop thinking about his girlfriend or ex girlfriend.He was supposed to go to the bar where he works and decided to walk since it's not that late yet,and taking the cab is already out of the plan.He walked over thirty minutes and knew he should be at the bar in less than twenty minutes more and he might even be late so he wanted to take a shortcut.He was walking close to an alleyway in the first place so there were many shortcuts around the place. He was still thinking about which one to take when his mouth was covered and he was dragged into the alleyway.He struggled fiercely as he was being taken but he couldn't struggle free .He was dragged deep into the alleyway and roughly pushed to the ground.He was immediately surrounded by more than ten men,his heart skipped a beat and he chuckled sadly,he should have known Jasper won't wait another night after he beat him up like that."I told you I will get you"jasper came out of
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Chapter 3
"Young master? Mr Avi, who are you talking to?" The Dr asked a little confused,he even thought he was talking to Jason but the other person was looking confused as well."How did he end up like this?" Mr Avi asked Jason " I met him this way after I got back from my classes six days ago,I guessed it was nothing serious until I saw how serious he was bleeding so he was rushed here" Jason replied still a little shocked,he didn't know if he should tell this man the truth."What about the injury he suffered before this assault?" Mr Avi asked,his eyes could literally split fire if it was possible at this rate."He worked at a restaurant,he got into a fight with someone and the person sent many people after him who hit him badly,he spent two weeks before he was discharged " Jason replied.Mr Avi quickly brought out his phone, dialed a number and the other party pick up immediately."Prepare a ward at the hospital,the young master will be moved over in a few minutes, it's a little serious. A
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Chapter 4
Even though he was quite shocked by this discovery,he was also excited about the fact that all his suffering is about to come to an end,he didn't even realize he was smiling until Mr Avi smiled back at him, jolting him out of his thoughts."I will look around myself for now" he said and Mr Avi nodded " we didn't know your style of clothing,your height or your size so in each room you will find different sizes and style of dress,you can change out of the patient dress after freshening up,or would you like the maid to attend to this?" Mr Avi asked."No" Lyon replied within a sec, he's used to dressing up himself and he didn't have much clothes anyway so why would he want someone to help him dress up,it sounds weird and even unreasonable to someone like him who have many things to do in a day, waiting for someone to prepare his bath then choose clothes to dress him up sounds stressful to him.Mr Avi nodded in understanding and Lyon quickly went into the house, looking around from the kit
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Chapter 5
The old man was shocked by the sudden outburst of anger from his grandson and looked at him with a raised eyebrow as if asking why he cursed so loudly and with so much anger all of a sudden ."Oh,I also heard he was actually in the same city as you,he ran there so he can have his freedom, away from his father. Bastard" the old man sneered."We were both third year students" Lyon corrected and the man raised an eyebrow but Lyon didn't explain anything to him,he just continued gnashing his teeth angrily.They talked for a while longer and soon Lyon left the villa with his securities and the old butler who was nearly sweating buckets when he realized Lyon actually cursed so loudly in front of the old master."We should return back to the city tomorrow,I don't like it when I miss classes," Lyon said and Mr Avi nodded without questioning his decisions. …..That night,Lyon decided to actually spend the night at a hotel so they easily went straight to the airport the next
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Chapter 6
After Lyon went back to his hotel room,he went to take a bath while Mr Avi waited with new clothes for him to change into after his bath."Are you angry?" Mr Avi suddenly asked and Lyon looked up " no,why should I be? I've been treated worse than that anyway"he laughed and Mr Avi sighed " it was my fault,I should have at least given you a gift"Mr Avi replied."It's ok,I was just shocked that those two have such a bad temper,I mean they are two people born into a rich family,they should know how to be calculative,they are not as I expected" Lyon shrugged."Anyway, I've to go back tomorrow,so how's my stepmom?" His lips curved into a sneer "the old master is pressuring your father to divorce her, recently her son lost a lot of money at a casino again,more than a hundred million actually"Mr Avi said and Lyon's eyes widened in shock."Jasper is such a spendthrift??" He was actually shocked,the jasper he knew often acts rich but he doesn't spend money like it's nothing,or maybe he just has
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Chapter 7
All the way to the airport, Lyon was lost in thought and Mr Avi, being a responsible butler, made sure not to call out to him or disturb him in any way.Soon they got to the airport and boarded the plane,Lyon immediately whipped out his phone and went to his contact.He met many missed calls from Scarlett and unconsciously smiled. Scarlett has always tried to be mean but she's a very soft person underneath that mask.He called her back immediately but then she didn't pick up.Lyon thought she was mad ,she had been calling him for more than a week repeatedly and he's just responding,he would be mad ifsomeone did that to him as well.Soon the plane took off and Lyon actually slept off as well,the butler looked at his relaxed face and smiled. Lyon might not have the face to enter the list of the most handsome men in the world but he's really handsome and he looks so much like his father.Mr Avi picked up his phone and looked at the message sent by his master,he replied at once "yes sir,w
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Chapter 8
He wanted to ask her why she seemed so mad to see him but could only swallow his questions because of her burning gaze. It made him feel uncomfortable all over. He couldn't pinpoint what he did wrong in any way."What are you doing here?" Asked Scarlett " to check on you" Lyon replied reasonably but this seemed to annoy Scarlett even more,he was dumbfounded by this."How did you know I was actually here?" Asked Scarlett a little suspiciously "I found out through my….."he couldn't say he found out through his butler,that will sound a little unbelievable,if his butler knew so much then he can't be from a normal family and she might become even more suspicious for why he worked at a restaurant while his family seem so rich."By someone,he has a very vast connection so he found out what happened when I asked him for it" he replied, deciding against talking about his background for now."Really?" Scarlett raised an eyebrow sarcastically and Lyon frowned,why did he feel like she just didn't
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Chapter 9
Bryan kept the dagger close to Scarlett's neck in a threatening manner and Lyon frowned visibly,if not he's scared he won't be able to stop Bryan's madness,he would have directly punched this irritating man in the face.Lyon clenched his phone tightly in his palm "I will leave,what if I drop my phone if that will reassure you that I didn't call anyone" he suggested and Bryan furrowed his eyebrows as if he's in a deep thought."Ok,drop your phone and leave" he said "what about Scarlett?" Lyon raised an eyebrow "what about her? " Bryan replied impatiently.A message was sent to Lyon's phone right at this moment,he casually glanced at the phone and smirked."Who's that?" Bryan asked "some crazy dude I guess,I don't know who" Lyon replied casually and Bryan frowned.Bryan suddenly let out a loud scream and Lyon was quick to react,he directly used his hand as a guard around Scarlett's neck while Bryan fell down and fainted.A deep cut formed around Lyon's hand and he silently stared at the
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Chapter 10
When they arrived at Lyon's penthouse, Scarlett couldn't believe her eyes,she burst into fresh tears completely confusing Mr Avi and Lyon."This is your place?" She asked and he nodded and Scarlett suddenly knelt on the floor."I swear I didn't mean to blame you," she said pleadingly. She's scared witless at this rate,how could she say those words to someone whose house can buy her entire family's property over and over again.Lyon pulled her up and said gently " I know,I won't do anything to you as well. I'm not a good person but definitely not a bad person as well,ok? " He spoke gently but sternly.After reassuring her for the only god knows time,she finally agreed to enter the penthouse with him.The maids quickly attended to her. According to Mr Avi,they took a shower then helped her relax while a doctor came over to check her condition."Young master,you really shouldn't go to those kinds of places alone,you are not completely okay yet and yet you went ahead to fight,what if you
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