Chapter Ten: The Clone.

King Lucas shows Shuzie the picture of what he expects the puzzle to look like and tells her she will help him manufacture two clones of the entire puzzle. He shows her the physical half of the unification puzzle which he had found.

"Whoa! It is so beautiful than the news about it." Shuzie says.

King Lucas says; "I trust you to get it done. You are so good at making things happen. You turn a dream art into reality. Always. That is what you do."

"When do you wish for it to be completed?" Shuzie asks.

"As soon as possible. I do not mind if I can get it today." King Lucas smiles as he replies her.

"You know that is not possible. Your facial expression concurs with my verdict on the timing of getting the work done." Shuzie says.

"Can you confirm to me when it will be ready?" The King asks.

"It will be ready in two weeks. One week for each. I want a perfect job done for my King. An error free work."

"Two weeks is a long time but I am ready to wait. I will be patient enough." says the King.
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