Corona Virus

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Corona Virus

By: The Night Owl OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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March 16, 2020 8 pm when the Philippine government implemented the nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19. But ten years later, the planet earth became dominated by the dead and the living became the strangers in their own planet. The last laboratory still functioning in the world sent out a message that they finally found the cure to stop the spread of the virus. Problem is, how will the survivors reach the laboratory's location? How can they save humanity if they have to fight their way through dead walkers that will tear them into pieces when given the chance? Is there any hope left for humanity?

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  • claudianovena


    nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book

    2022-03-28 11:38:09
  • Ally Ocampo


    Awesome! Waiting for the next update.

    2022-02-08 16:12:03
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"Good morning! I'm Arthur Henrikson, a journalist. Are you Ashtra Ambrose?" I just finished having my breakfast when I heard three knocks on the door. When I opened it, I immediately regretted answering the door. This man is a journalist or whatever who wants to profit from my grandparents' life story."Yes, can I help you?" I asked in a bored tone."I want to write a book about the apocalypse, but I want to focus on the real heros. Those survivors who risked their own lives to give us back the world. Our new government became too busy developing the world again that they forgot to honor those who made all of this possible. Those survivors, your grandparents, they should be remembered as heros by every generation. And I'd like you to help me do it for them." I knew it."I've talked to numerous people like you. You just want to make money out of my family's story. I'm not talking to you, so you can get the hell out."I didn't bother wait for his response.
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March 16, 2020 when President Rodrigo Roa Duterte implemented a nationwide lockdown. It was because of a virus discovered late 2019 that was said to come from a country then known as China. The virus spread so fast that it almost put a stop on the world.Businesses closed, hoping that it will only be temporary. Families stayed indoors in order to keep their family safe. Education was put on hold. Hunger, poverty, death. That was all because of the virus called Corona Virus or COVID-19. It's main symptom? Flu.Scientists worked nonstop to find a cure ro eradicate the virus, or at least to stop it's spread. But COVID-19 kept mutating into a deadlier variant. Numerous vaccines were created, but the virus kept spreading. Millions upon millions died, and many more were left heartbroken for the lost of a loved one.Until 2022 came and a pharmaceutical company called Global Pharmaceutical announced that they've found the cure. It was the miracle that everyone was waiti
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Being a pediatrician was Robbie Albertson's dream since he was in grade school. That's why he did everything he could to finish his studies. He worked hard both in his studies and in his two jobs, barely having three or four hours of sleep everyday. There were times that he would be sick, but he wouldn't dare to take a rest.When he finally graduated, Robbie and his entire family celebrated. They were not rich, but they had enough to support their family, especially when they moved to the Philippines. His parents opened up a business and it all went well. His family thought that it's the start of a better life for them.Then the outbreak happened. He was at the hospital back then and was treating a patient when they heard the sound of people screaming. He was lucky enough that the outbreak first erupted in other location in the Philippines. It gave the government enough to assemble the army, and hospital were the first one they rescued.Dr. Robbie Albertson toge
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Being a nurse is not just a job, it's a passion. You have to love being a nurse to be efficient and enjoy the job. Otherwise, you will end up hating what you're doing and take it out on your patients. It is a profession that requires heart and dedication.And Aki Hiroshima knew that from the very beginning. Born from a family of mixed culture, the one thing that both sides of her family is how dedicated they are when it comes to taking care of their sick members. Her American mother would stay up all night whenever she's sick. Her Japanese father would always prepare herbal tea for her.After graduating from secondary education, her parents had a heart to heart conversation with her. She's lucky enough to have parents like her mother and father who gave her freedom to do what she wants in her life. Ever since she was a child, her parents always trusted her choices and decisions. That is because Aki is smart kid, and she's wise enough to decide for herself.As so
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After hours of traveling through the sky, Frank's private plane landed in New York International. But problems doesn't end there. Because NYI was already overran by zombies. Frank and his companions had to fight their way through those flesh-eating monsters.As they move further to the exit of the airport, Frank's companions started dying. Those dead walkers really have their way of just appearing out of nowhere. And instead of decreasing in numbers, they seemed to be multiplying. Until Shiela heard something."Wait!" Shiela whispered. "Can you guys hear that?"Her two male companions listened closely. There's a distant sound of gunfire, which means there are other people outside the airport. The three of them hurried towards the exit. Frank, who's favorite hobby is target shooting, helps the pilot on killing the other zombies that blocked their way.Outside the airport, they saw four people trying to fight their way through an increasing number of zombie
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San Francisco, California was one of the first to be hit by the outbreak. Within a matter of twenty-four hours, the entire area was wiped out. Even the military and police forces were the first one to fall in the whole world. The entire United States of America assumed that no one survived.But in one particular building, the San Francisco Scientific Laboratory, a group of six scientists were stuck inside their laboratory. For ten years, all they did was to search for a solution to the world's problem. Being one of the facilities that studies about nuclear weapons, biochemical weaponry, and such, they have all the needed equipment."Alvin, are you okay?" Janice, one of the scientists, asked her colleague who looks like he's about to faint."Yeah, I just got dizzy. Maybe, because of lack of sleep." Alvin replied with a small smile in his lips."Alright, lay down here. Don't move, okay? Just take a rest first." Janice stated."Okay. Thanks, Janice."<
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