This is Me

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This is Me

By: Gbemiro OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Roman and Roy are two great brothers who have been through thick and thin. Nothing comes between these giants. You are about to witness a unique storyline with a special trend.

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  • Gbemiro


    A great trend

    2022-11-16 14:14:24
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11 chapters
Chapter One: No Pain No Gain
"No pain, no gain. That's what I heard him say". "These were father's last words. Roy what do you think about it? I have been searching for the pain and the gain. Of what relevance are these two words?" Roman questions Roy as they walk down the hill.It is a cold morning, the dew softly touches the face of the earth as a distinct voice is heard from a far. A distinct voice turns to a chorus while the chorus turns to a song. The song goes thus "Oh come on yee faithful, joyful and triumphant. O come in o come in to Bethlehem. Come and be holy. Born the king of Angels. O come let us adore him. O come let us adore him. O come let us adore him Christ the Lord".These voices are the voices of some devoted Christians singing along the majestic Bora hill.Roy says to Roman. "Let's go join them. We need to have a prayer session. Having it with them will be magnificent." Roman declines and says "it's day break. We have to continue. Let's pray while we walk. After all, God answers all prayers
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Chapter Two: Welcome Back: On Your Marks
Roman still stays quiet. The vision he saw keeps playing right in his head. Roy sees his brother is so lost in thought. Roy calls Roman saying; "Roman! Roman!! What is it?" All he could do to respond is give a nod to Roy's question.Seeing him with the puzzle, Roy gets the signal that the time is right to go home. The brothers therefore begin their journey back home through the Bora route.Alberom is so lively. Everyone seems to be going about with their normal daily activities. It is a bright morning in the Alberom market where buying and selling are going smoothly. Finn is looking happy. He has just sold all his fruit items in just two hours. He is so happy and he gets set to return home in order to prepare for the next day. "You are done for today my friend. Can we go home" says Aaron. He is Finn's neighbour who has just finished his shopping in the market. "Let's go home now. I am super excited I am done for today in quick fashion. I will have to come back extra loaded tomorrow.
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Chapter Three: A Peaceful Hunt
With the fear of his old colleague's state in his mind, Thoms leaves to join up with the thirty men on ground to escort him through his mission which seems deadly."I am kind, wise, brilliant, funny and can be very deceptive as well. I have travelled far and near. I have been to the south, north, east and west. I have never failed my people. I have never failed my Kings. This is why the crown trusts me at all times to deliver and this is why I am always assigned important, difficult and delicate missions. I am ready to serve at all cost and in any whether. I will gladly sacrifice my live a thousand times for the progress of our lands." Thoms the Wise says. He is talking to Jordan, the head of the thirty men allotted to escort him on his mission to Kalif Empire."Jordan replies by saying; I have heard about you, I have seen you and read about you. I have been longing for this moment. This moment to walk and work with you" He giggles.Jordan is a huge and fearless soldier. He single han
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Chapter Four: Hudem on Fire: The Revelation
The Hudem Empire is a big, ferocious and compact empire to the extreme north of Alberom.The arrival of their King, Lucas seem to be a moment that takes them to the top of the world in that region. "Hey..... We caught a big buffalo. We will not kill it so we can display it to our people. We are going to show them how great our King is. Our King is too brilliant. He is a warrior." These are the words of Commander Rua, the right hand man of King Lucas of Hudem.King Lucas responds; "they already know. This will just serve as a reminder to them. I am the best warlord in all human history." Rua quickly adds; "No one can contest that." "Maybe they want to die" another of Lucas' men says. Rua then says; "No none wants to die."They all laugh so loud and continue with their drinks in the thick forest where they are for the sole aim of hunting. All men are filled in with alcohol.With a big buffalo and a large deer already in their custody, they intend to add one more wild beast to their col
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Chapter Five: The Life of a Kalif
The day breaks so fast. It is the early hours of another promising day. The weather is so clear but cold still had its way.The effect of the cold is felt to the teeth of everyone in Kalif."My man. What's up? What is going on?" This is Mendel's voice. He is addressing one of his right hand men who seem not to be grooving with the vibe. The vibe in this sense is the intake of palm wine and some very hot fish. The man answers Mendel, saying; "I need something different. Something hot. Not palm wine." "But the fish is very hot my man. Take it and let us all feel very warm and good." The man responds saying; "I need tea. Hot tea with this same hot fish. It will gladden my heart, mind, body and soul." Laugh becomes the instant order of the day as all men present laugh off with great energy. If present at the scene, one could easily notice the serious cold as everybody present are padded in thick clothes.Mendel quickly instructs the attendant to get the man a very hot tea. The man becomes
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Chapter Six: A Step Up
Vix, Rix and Dix gets the Kalif Navy ready to receive Master Doli. Master Doli is known for multiple successful trade expeditions. He is a popular, successful and wealthy businessman. Very calculative. A man who knows his onions. He already has an aim and runs an estimate of expected returns before embarking on a business trip. He owns a lot of business boats. He can take with him as much as a hundred boats for his business on the sea. He envisages this as his last business trip using only boats. He talks about adding some big ships into the frey.Still at the shore, the arrival of Master Doli is met with a bright atmosphere. The presence of the navy is to protect the proceeds from the great expedition on the shores while they are subsequently handed over to the army. The army will therefore protect them till they get to the Kalif Palace where Master Doli will present his report to Queen Mendi."Welcome back our hero. It is good to see you. We had other thoughts about your boats when
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Chapter Seven: The Mezcal War
"We charge into the lands of the Mezcals today. We bring them down. We fight with all we have got. We use all our fire power to destroy them in this single battle. I want it to be quick." King Roman urges his generals."You need not lead my King. I will do that on your behalf. I will come home victorious with less casualties.' General Roy says. "Do not worry your head. I want to be there. I want to fight as well alongside my men. Victory is sweetest that way. You of all people know this my dear Brother." King Roman says."I understand. Your wish is my command my Lord."The Mezcal mission begins. King Roman himself leads his troop though he is being assisted by General Roy, General Benson and General Stead.Somewhere in between Alberom and Hudem is a relatively sized territory. These people are so ferocious and aggressive in all spheres. They are carnivores.These attributes of theirs invites a lot of hostility to their land, people and governance. The Mezcals are selfish in nature. T
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Chapter Eight: Alberom's Glory versus The Hudem Crisis
Magarius says faintly; "The end has come." His breath halts as fresh blood rushes out of his lifeless body. King Roman beheads the helpless Magarius, raises up the head and shouts. "To Alberom. Long live Alberom, our land, our hope, our pride and our future "Every of his men respond to the call with the same sentence. "To Alberom. Long live Alberom, our land, our hope, our pride and our future.."King Roman and his men matches unchallenged to the Mezcal's seat of power to attain full control of Mezcal.At the Mezcal's seat of power, Sagius has been waiting patiently for the arrival of King Roman. He approaches King Roman with a smile. He bows before him and says; "Everything here belongs to you now. We are your subjects. We will do as you command us. You are now our new leader. Our new King. Most especially, Mezcal is now a territory under Alberom's control. Mezcal and Alberom are one. All hail our King; King Roman of Alberom and Mezcal."The sentence "Long live King Roman, our supre
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Chapter Nine: Smokescreen
King Lucas takes the chief's life right at that spot because he could not control his anger. He feels he has been betrayed by one of his chiefs who is supposed to lighten up his path whenever the path becomes dark. The fact that it was the most senior chief completely pissed him off."Rua let us bury this useless man. He should have given me this as a manual before I went on that unification journey. He did not even seek to confirm it when I came back. This old man was a big fool. You know that Rua! We will call for a prompt meeting as well and all chiefs must be present. We have to clean up this mess at one before it gets out of hand."King Lucas sometimes easily loses his mind over anything and everything. But this is not to say he is less intelligent. He is a very smart King. He had the picture in his head. He knew the chief will pass the information to his other chiefs as soon as he departs the scene. His thinking was that he had to kill the chief to save his image. He wanted to k
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Chapter Ten: The Clone.
King Lucas shows Shuzie the picture of what he expects the puzzle to look like and tells her she will help him manufacture two clones of the entire puzzle. He shows her the physical half of the unification puzzle which he had found."Whoa! It is so beautiful than the news about it." Shuzie says.King Lucas says; "I trust you to get it done. You are so good at making things happen. You turn a dream art into reality. Always. That is what you do.""When do you wish for it to be completed?" Shuzie asks."As soon as possible. I do not mind if I can get it today." King Lucas smiles as he replies her."You know that is not possible. Your facial expression concurs with my verdict on the timing of getting the work done." Shuzie says."Can you confirm to me when it will be ready?" The King asks."It will be ready in two weeks. One week for each. I want a perfect job done for my King. An error free work.""Two weeks is a long time but I am ready to wait. I will be patient enough." says the King.
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