Bonus Chapter Douze

       "What'd you think about the governmental policies?"

      She passed the remote control over to him as he switched off the television. She ate her up with the was-that-why-I-passed-it-to-you Kinda ogle. The room was quite the elegant type. The wall television was such the long type that you'd use to mock your height if bent sideways. The sitting room was large. Five chairs in its heart were like placing a mustard seed on a banana leave. Their were arranged such that, three were to the left while the remaining two to the right. A marble table that could metamorphose into stool and flat surface divided the two sets. Churning chandeliers swung in gay to the pleasure they could extract from callous currents of the undaunted electricity. And remaining parts of the parlour were consoled with stools and vases. Twas quite a house!

       "What is there

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