Bonus Chapter Treize

    "You were supposed to do that!"

     The owner of those words stood abruptly and paved the length ire makes you. Her visage began to shrink as wielded whiskers stood in awe of the marred mood. It was not actually rage, it was more than that. Probably she was wrong or she was not thinking straightly. Her thoughts had been smothered into smooth smithereens by his prior statement. She looked across the pack as her eerie eyes widened. She needed to calm herself. She needed to shun the raging cum lousy thoughts. Probably her stance was defected. Probably she was the one who was wrong. She couldn't be sure. She had the rage shunned but would admit it to him. She paved further, with her pride choking gaunt guts.

      Apt azure was beginning to etch a cluster of sketches on its cloth. Such designs of rare radiance and spooky seals. Its eyes shone and took a walk to the next Checkpoi

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