Bonus Chapter Quatorze

        "Here's what we call a presentation!"

       His broad chin swayed to the syllabic acrobatics. He was on the top of the world. That was the kinda feeling he pruned whenever he was teaching. He felt like he was doing the best thing anyone on earth could ever think of. He adjusted his new gotten spectacles that pushed his nose to some eerie exhibition. He was savoring the moment! His eyes met with Sea's as the thought of what had happened on her day of presentation etched salient strokes of smile on his voluptuous visage. He wasn't actually making fun of her. How would he? What teacher does such to his students? Probably the crazy ones who by extensions are cheaters!

      After Vera 1915 had had her take with the mind blowing presentation, Sea had assumed her stance. She obviously was having sweat oozing out of her hands. How odd and wierd? Many would sweat

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