News had been greeted by the tip of the hay. Hoisted hankering severed in sassy smithereens as worries gulped gaunt emotions.

   Both the local and national TV. stations had accosted the bewilderment seeped in nature. Taunted turmoil heaving haughty sigh  in the hemisphere of the city. Felon fear tottered and possessed the sanity of reservation.

    The news of an evil tiger that had escaped the house of a bewitched real estate manager. Lanky lust peered, vying voluptuous verses tragedy hummed in the dark street, dripping and dribbling cramped cusses on tarred tongues of airy but worn acumen.

    " All the citizens are expected to stay indoor until further notice from the federal government".

    Quoted the blond broadcaster as a noise edged towards her from the re

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