Into The Future XIII


       He spoke as though he was trying to convince himself. He pushed out the words and watched the effect it possibly would have on his instinct. He was trying to severe his options. He was putting into consideration what the contention was. He didn't want to take it that he was the one who was guilty or who had done what was wrong. No one did accuse him of anything. He had no idea why he was that jumpy. He wanted to forget that everything did happen. He wanted to forget that he was made a pawn. He was trying to be what a father would be. But he was getting it wrongly. After the return from the city of the elevated ones, he hadn't been his real self. He had been tossed side by side by odds of time. He did try to find his bearing for naught. He couldn't arrive at a sane conclusion. He had been trying to be who he used to be but it had been much different. That did put him on a spot and h

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