Into The Future XII

     "So, mother. Where are we going from here?"

     He wasn't much behind her. He kept his pace behind and kept abreast of things which were likely to happen beyond. She didn't seem like one who would answer his question. He knew that she wouldn't keep to that forever. He knew that, sooner or later, she would of course have a reason to at least say something to him. He couldn't catch a gaze of her face. She was quite the steps ahead. He tried walking a bit faster to look into her face and rehearse the words but relented instead. He was trying to figure what might be wrong with her. Probably she was yet vexed from the experience she had sucked from the bone of contention with her husband, his father. He tried not to put that into some real push, but he knew that he would be telling himself some lanky lies. He wouldn't help the odds. Twas not possible. He tried to concentrate on how to get her attention. She didn't

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