Turning Point IV

      "It's Brad's class and we've got a tale to work on in the exam."

     That guy was a case of a teacher. Damn a case! The students swapped their gazes at that. Well, his glottis were itching him. And damn! He was already on it.

     "Two cats made a spring, the frog flew with wings, aunt flea fell down, and

the rocks fell on her. The cock was an imam, the cow a barber, the gos￾lings danced; all this happened at the time when a Padishah was old.

This old Padishah had three sons and three daughters. One day he was

taken ill, and in spite of all the hodjas (scholar) and physicians that surrounded

him his condition failed to improve. He sent for all his sons and spoke thus to

them, ‘‘When I am dead that one of you shall be Padishah who keeps watch by

my g

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