"What do you advise we do?"

     The fairy walked ahead. It moved forward as though he was leaving for some better place or something close to that. It halted under the tree and tried to figure out what all that what owed to. It ignored it. That wasn't the best time. It turned and looked at the other two standing as though they were waiting on its order. Well, twas always great to feel bossy and have a way round situations. It wasn't feeling that Important, but that was the only meaning it could read to at that moment. She wouldn't hold back of course. What was the point?

       "Ok! Lemme guess, I know what we should do."

    It had been the one who had asked the question and was the same with the answer. No one of course was as confused as it was. With its brief structure as though twas some myth. It was very annoying and could be every appealing. He could approve of a lot

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