"What would you guys love to have?"

     Dreg looked at Dar. That was his counterpart.  At least, that was the only person he could be very free with. He could be free with others too of course, but there was always a distinction to it. And that distinction did really matter to him. Sea didn't seem to be too interested. He didn't know if he was right. She had brought them there and what? She brought them there to lose interest? He wasn't sure. He couldn't be. He didn't try to. He didn't want to begin the trail of such thought. He could actually use several other feelings. Paul on the other hand was cold. Like he was bluntly cold. He didn't hide it. Twasnt like he wasn't interested or something close to that, but twas obvious that something was not right with him. He didn't know what that was. He should ask him but there was not the right place. He would of course figure the right place out and have his rage and expectations s

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