Excalibur (2)

The D-day has finally arrived. The day we take down Excalibur for good. The nervousness I had suppressed the whole of yesterday came flooding back.

The events of yesterday was so exhilarating that I had almost forgotten the nervousness of today's mission.

After picking out our weapons yesterday, Harry and I left to the warehouse. He took me to an abandoned park. He said most of the men in la rinascita came there to practice and train.

We practised using empty cans and bottles as targets. It took me four hours of training to be able to hit a target without missing. The first three hours was a complete mess, but I later got the hang of it. I still missed some though but Harry said with more practice I would be better.

I was full of energy when he praised me, I felt like I could do this but now I don't feel so good. I don't think I'll be able to shoot another human like myself.

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