Fitting in (2)

   When I got to the house, the lights were still on, that meant I was right one time. I was greeted by the sound of talking and laughter as I approached the kitchen.

"hey Cole, what's up man" Conny was the first to see me as the others turned their heads to face my direction welcoming me.

"welcome home cupcake " for some unreasonable reason Julian had been calling me that for the past weeks after our little cupcake picnic. It was really frustrating to get him to stop calling me that.

"hey buddy, you look beat" I always trust Harry to notice little things like this.

"yeah, I am"

"aw, poor cupcake, why don't you have a seat while I fix you a plate of burritos "

"thanks Julian, I'd like that "

I took my seat opposite Harry while Julian was fixing my dinner. I wanted to look at Harry's face while I was eating, I wanted to see if there was any

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