Flashback (1)

I was sitting outside the office of the adoption officer awaiting my fate which was being decided among the couples and the officer.

It's been a month and two weeks since my parent's death. I had been put in three different child care facilities since then for being difficult.

Being difficult meant that I was overly depressed from the trauma leading to my disconnection from the real world making it impossible for anyone to communicate with me.

Come on give me a break, what exactly did they expect, shortly after my parents died, some so called social workers came and dragged me out of my home. I didn't even have the time to process the death of my parents.

The sound of a door being flung open brought me back from my thoughts as the couples marched out of the office and down the hallway without sparing a glance.

Well that means I didn't get adopted.

Mrs Kowalski

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