Fitting in (1)

   It's been three week since I started working at Nico's illegal warehouse /laboratory. The job wasn't exactly what I thought it was. When Julian said I was to work as supervisor,this wasn't what came to my mind.

  My work consisted of me cross checking the packaged orders and going to with whoever delivers them to make sure that the customers get their orders.

  I don't exactly get why I was given this position but I heard along the lines of what Julian said that 'there's no other person Nico would rather trust to handle it here'.  When I asked Julian why he couldn't do the job, he said he already had enough on his plate being Nico's second in command.

I also asked why the other guys couldn't do the job and he said that they already had other branches they were heading and so their hands were full.

Since I couldn't quite argue with him,  I just rolled with it. I wasn'

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