A new family

   We've been driving for almost two hours now and I don't know where in the world we're going. I thought about asking Mr Finley but I don't want him to think I'm a scared of him so I keep my mouth tight.

   Please try to get me, it's not that I'm scared he'll hurt me, it's just that I get this weird feeling from him and it's really creepy.

    After approximately two hours ten minutes, we arrive at this beautiful neighborhood (I don't know what it's called). We pulled at a beautiful mansion. It almost looked like a mansion. Mr Finley got our and I followed suit. 

    When we got to the door, it opened automatically. Wow, do doors really do that these days, it's sooo cool.

"It's cool right, I know " Mr Finley said with a satisfied grin plastered on his face.

  My only answer was a rapid nod of my head. Mr Finley laughed and o

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