"Well Cole, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Oscar " he raised his hands towards me, for a handshake....a handshake! But whatever, I took his hands. 

"Okay, back to business.... " he retracted his hand. 

"....tell me Cole, what were you and your crew doing in that warehouse? " 

Was he talking about that abandoned building we were supposed to meet our supposed client. Wait!....was he the client we were supposed to meet? 

"Cole! I asked a question " I felt my throat slowly getting dry again,

"We were supposed to meet a client there " I answered. 

"What client? " he asked

"We were meant to deliver weapons to him and collect payment....... " 

"And? " 

"It was supposed to be a simple delivery.....just one simple transaction. But they double crossed us. Those bastard double crossed us " I spoke in whispers as I reminisce the event in my head. I felt my head began to throb due to the me

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