The pain at the back of my head jolted me out of my subconsciousness. Instant panic flooded me as I realized I was in an unfamiliar surrounding, my arms and legs tied to the chair I was placed in.

   I remembered being in a wild car chase with whoever wanted us dead. I remembered almost reaching the crossroad and the unknown car slamming into ours, then me blacking out.

  Oh gosh, we've been abducted. My greatest fear now coming into play, and maybe even worse....me not making it out alive.

   As futile as it might seem, I did what any normal person in my shoes would have done, and that was........to scream for help.

"h-help! " I screamed as loud as my lungs could allow

"somebody help me! " I screamed again, but my voiced echoed back at me. I scanned the room one last time before deciding to give my voice one final trial.


I'm really sorry for taking this long to update. I'll try my best update as much as I can. Thank you for staying with my book and your support for the story. Thank you all so much.

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