Life was good

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, ah I hate that thing, but it's what I need since I'm a heavy sleeper. I manage to get out of bed. After turning off the damn thing, I drag my lazy body to the bathroom to get myself prepared for the day. I got down the stairs to see my parents at the dinning table eating breakfast.

"good morning mum and dad" I say kissing both their cheeks.


  "good morning sweetheart" mum greets.


"good morning son, trust you had a good night's rest"? dad replies

"yes dad, I did"

"so, what are plans for today"

"uhm, I'm gonna meet up with some friends"

"are you guys gonna be studying"?

"no dad, we're just gonna go  know, to the stadium"

"you know we've talked about this a about a hundred times. You need to mind the kind of friends you keep. Birds of the...... "


".....same feathers flock together, yeah I know that coz you've told me that countless number of times already.


"look dad, I'm know you're saying all this for my own good but I'm not a child anymore. And besides I'm being careful with the kind of friends I keep, so you don't need to worry so much about me, okay? "

<sign>"what on earth will I do with you"


"honey, I think we need to give the boy some space, he's definitely not a baby anymore " mum tries to reason with dad.

"I know he's not a child anymore, all I'm trying to point out is that he should be extra careful about those he chooses as friends ".

    The conversation keeps going on between them and I move into the private space in my head as I finish up the rest of my breakfast.

"bye mum and dad" I kiss them both on their cheeks and head out, not giving them room to say anything to me.


      I walk the 10 miles from my house to school so that I can let some air into my head. I know my dad wants the best for me but you've got to admit it, he's taking it way too far. He thinks he can tell me how to live my life all in the name of 'wanting the best for your life'....come on...that's just LAME.

     On getting to the school gate I spot my friends at a corner. Below is a quick description of my friends.

    Jason is my best friend, we've been friends since we were kids. Evan joined the gang in middle school. He was a little bit on the rough side before we came into the picture, but I guarantee that he's good now...or so I guess. Then last but not the least we have Carl, Jason's brother. He's a freshman in the highschool we attend hence we let him join in the gang so he won't feel left out.

       Back to the present, I walk up to them and we greet each other but the greeting doesn't end with just a simple 'hi' or 'hello' coz they teased the hell out of me. 

       Why?...well because over the weekend we went to this weird underground basement that looks like an abandoned parking lot. There we met some guys from a gang outside of town called the Reapers,they just started establishing their operations in Oak field.

       They were looking for minions that they could use to penetrate the young population and it just so happened that we were the best candidate.

       Evan of course taught of it as a golden opportunity for him to 'shine', hence he was the one who contacted them and saw it great to drag us along.

      To cut the long story short, Evan and I argued which led to Jason's intervention, which led to the Reapers daring us to the drinking of these weird stuff that looks like a concoction, which eventually led to me chickening out due to the level of grossness in the so called drink.



    So now I'm back from my little blast from the past and I'm thinking of a way to shut these guys up.

   "guys guys, can you just listen"

  They all stopped and looked at me like I'm about to give a very serious verdict.

   "I was thinking maybe we should just chill for today "I said, and the look on their faces is nothing to write home about.

  Jason: what

  Carl: no way

  Evan: bullshit man

  I knew this was not gonna go out as planned so I tried to reason it out with them.

  "come on guys, we can't keep hanging out all the time whilst neglecting our studies "

  "oh just cut the crap, using an excuse like studies is just lame man... not cool" Evan speaks first.

   "yeah, I agree with Evan " says Carl.

   "dude if you didn't want to go, you should have just said so earlier" Jason points out.


    I couldn't deny it so I just kept quiet. The guys took it as their cue to leave so they did, but not before giving me their disappointed looks. I did feel bad about it though but I just wasn't in the mood to hang out today.