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  The ride back was really awkward, I felt as though I didn't know who Harry was, which in truth, I really didn't. I felt as though he was a complete stranger.

  I was tempted to start asking him questions but I decided to wait until I had gotten some food in my stomach.

  We got to McGee's, our favourite restaurant to get something to eat. I waited in the car while Harry went inside to order some takeout for us.

  After a while, he came back with two plastic bags containing what he ordered, then we drove to my shed.

  I call it a shed because it used to be a storage room. It was used to keep grains by the former owner.

   When we got to my shed, he said,

"You're just gonna grab a few of your things, then we move to our new crib"

"Our new what?! "

"Crib, it's w

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