New project (2)

The night went by pretty fast that by the time I got out of bed, Jeff, Conny, Mike and Harry had gotten ready for the day's work.

"hey, good morning " I greeted Harry.

"good morning sleepy head "

"you're all set? "

"yeah, me and the others will be heading out in a bit "

"okay "

"come down for breakfast will ya "

"alright, I'll be down in a bit"

  He left me in the room to freshen up which didn't take me up to five minutes. When I was done, I went downstairs.

"good morning everyone " I greeted them to which they all acknowledged.

"good morning, hope you slept well? " Julian being his cheery self I guess.

"yeah, I did"

"oh that's good " he served me my breakfast

"bon appetit"

"thanks "

"don't men

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