Second mission (3)

Edgar.......... I have to go on a mission where I could probably loose my life and Nico is choosing Edgar to protect me? Now I'm wishing I had taken the self defense lessons seriously.

I can understand now why Julian and the rest were angry, how could Nico have even taught of something like that. Practically everyone knows how much Edgar hates my guts...the guy even hates my entire existence, and I have to go with him? I should probably just kill myself right now and get it over with.

"I think Nico is going nuts " Blake immediately we entered our house

"Ya think?....dude has gone nuts already! " Mike said

"I can't believe he's sending Cole on a suicide mission " Jeff huffed

"guys, can you please?! " I said a little more aggressively than I had intended. Their fault though, they didn't have to keep rubbing it on my face.

I dragged myself lazily up the s

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