Second mission (2)

   Last night was the first time I had ever seen Julian snap. He was always more of the calm and collected one amongst all of us. That led me thinking that whatever had made him snap like that, definitely wasn't good.

     And just like Nico had said, the production of the M-16 kicked off. Julian was still pissed off by the recklessness of Nico but there was only much he could do about it since he was just Nico's second in command.

    The client who goes by the name of Vermont, ordered for 500 pieces of M-16. If I was suspicious before as to why he needed a prototype weapon that hasn't completely been tested. I was now more suspicious that he ordered for that much.

   Don't get me wrong, him ordering that much ammunition was good business since he was paying a really hefty price. I was only questioning why he would want an ammunition that was still under examination.

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