Second mission (1)

Three weeks later, everyone is slowly recovering from all the previous events and operations continued. I also resumed my work at the warehouse against Harry's protest.

After the last attack where I was almost killed, Harry was against me doing the deliveries. Even Conny, Mike and Jeff agreed too but Nico was not having any of it. And since he was the boss, there was no going against him. Even though Harry sometimes threw tantrums, Nico still ignored him. 

I sat down in the storage room watching some workers prepare the weapons I was to deliver later in the afternoon. This was going to be my fifth delivery in the past three weeks.

The first delivery was two days after the break, I was completely surprised that there was going to anyone who wanted to deal with La rinascita but I guess Nico really had some good connections with his clients. And to be honest, I was scared of going to make the delivery. I was scared

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