The chase

"I-I work for Excalibur! " he confessed.

"wow, you must like your life so much don't you? " the interrogator asked sarcastically before pulling a pocket knife and inching it closer to Blake's face. Time moved really slow as he did that.

"that's enough Edgar..." Nico stopped the interrogator before he could put the blade on poor Blake.

"...I think he's had enough " he finished then signalled for a guy to bring him a chair and he sat in front of Blake, eyeball to eyeball.

"listen Blake, I need you to tell me everything you've been dishing out to Excalibur " he said to Blake with a dead serious tone.

"I-I c-can't tell you " Blake said shaking like a leaf.

"I don't think you understand me Blake. I'm going to get it out of you either way. But I'm  offering you the easy way. You tell me on your own or my boys with force it out of you and trust me, they don't take ki

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