The mole (1)

After securing death in one if our warehouses, the gang went on an extermination spree. They set all of Excalibur's warehouses on fire, one after the other. But they made sure to shed as little blood as possible.

They eliminated the ones who were resistant and spared the ones who weren't by giving them a place in la rinascita.

The night sky was filled with smoke from the flames of the burning buildings across the city. A symbol of Excalibur's extinction. There was no way they were going to recover from the amount of damage. Even if some of the men were to form a revolution and avenge their gang, it would be pointless and only lead to them losing their lives.

I got home very exhausted, both physically, emotionally and mentally. It had broken my heart when I saw some of Excalibur's men being gunned down because they resisted. I vomited three times due to the gory sight.

I know I'd seen thi

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