The mole (5)

   My eyes shot open and all I could see was white. When my eyes slowly adjusted to my surroundings, I discovered I was in a hospital like room. A bandage was wrapped around my head and an IV tube was connected to my hand.

I forced myself to remember what happened before I lost consciousness.

I remembered I was staring at Jao a little longer than I had intended and he had caught me. Then a few seconds after I laid my head back on the headrest, something collided with our van that made it tumble over.

The missile launched at our vehicle made it start to catch fire. Jao had lost consciousness almost immediately at the force of the missile Como g in contact with our van, then I remembered trying to unbuckle the seatbelts which were jammed. The henchmen with us were in no good condition as well.

I remember seeing some people trying to help

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