13. Son of Hell

Betting on his physical strength when his opponent was a mystic beast was basically tantamount to suicide. Even a rank A Warrior could not necessarily match the physical strength of a mystic beast, let alone Reynard who he himself knew how strong he really was, yet he was sure he still had not reached the rank A Warrior stage, at least he knew that well.

Even though he knew the bet he made would only lead to a pointless death, he still did it. I don't know, it was as if there was someone pushing him to do it, his will told him that he should at least dare to handle that one ape punch even if it was ultimately met with defeat.

At least, it would not be a humiliating defeat.

Reynard focused all his physical strength into the tip of his fist, his feet moving as fast as they could, creating a momentum that was difficult for anyone to avoid. Only this time his opponent was a giant ape, a mystical beast that could destroy an empire.

Each footstep left a deep imprint on the ground, a sign th
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