Chapter 108: Grief and Mourning

“Giiiiiirl!!!” Frenz yelled as he came to approach Mika. “Girl, I like your new powers,” he complimented.

Mika didn’t respond. She just stared at Frenz awkwardly.

“Uhm… Mika? Hellooooo? Are you okay?”

Suddenly, tears start rolling from Mika’s eyes. She suddenly hugged Frenz. “Freeeenz! I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were suffering that much!” she sobbed.

Frenz is confused by the situation. “Uhm… what’s happening?”

Arii also came. “Mikaaa! You’re so cool right now!”

Mika also stared at Arii. After a few seconds, “Ariiiii! Sorry if I didn’t know! I just want to hug you now!” Mika cried as she hugs Arii.

The others came too.

“You guys! Why didn’t you tell me that you’re feeling that way? I feel like a bad friend now,” Mika uttered as she hugged each of her friends.

Everyone is puzzled by Mika’s behavior.

“What’s happening to her?” Marco asked.

“Is this some side effect of her powers?” Mario hunched.

“I don’t know…” Orixa replied. “But that’s not important right now. We still have an enemy
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