Chapter 109: Things Yet to Discover

The players arrived at the Base’s Main Laboratory.

The laboratory is quite vast and well-structured for just a recently-built facility. Lots of machines and apparatus can be found inside the lab.

Lumine and Tusha are in the laboratory.

“Raft! Everyone!” Lumine greeted her friends.

“Lumine! Arii said that you went with them voluntarily. We thought you already betrayed us *cough*,” Virgo said.

“No! I would never!” Lumine answered.

Arii bowed in shame. “Sorry if I misunderstood what happened, guys,” she apologized.

“No, it’s okay Arii. It’s also my fault that I left without a proper explanation. I left you to worry,” Lumine said.

“So… There must be a deeper reason why you’re here…” Raft uttered.

“Actually… there is,” Lumine answered as she looked at Tusha.

“Oh - yeah! I remember you said that Tusha is a BBC,” Frenz said.

Everyone is confused. “BBC!?” they uttered in unison.

“The robot thing?” Frenz added.

“It’s NPC, Frenz,” Arii corrected.

Mario is giggling at the corner. “BBC - the heck
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