Cosmic System: Road To Eternity

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Cosmic System: Road To Eternity

By: Melchisedec OngoingSystem

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Daisuke Hagaromo is a 19-year-old who is completely bored out of life. His bad decisions had gotten him to the worst place he could have imagined when he was younger, and every day of his life felt miserable. He intends to commit suicide in a quick and painless manner, jumping off the roof of the 100-story building with his eyes closed and succumbing to his miserable fate. He dies successfully, but awakens to find himself floating in a void, greeted by a divinely inspired digital system. In exchange for his eternal submission to the system's conditions, the system offers him a chance at a new and more fulfilling life. Daisuke, against his better judgment, accepts the offer and is transported to another dimension of reality. He would be assigned difficult missions and put through impossible trials there, which would later be revealed to be a path to greater life and immortality. ******* This is a system novel set in medieval times with mythical characters and situations. It is NOT a harem, and there are very few sexually explicit scenes. Because I am a new author, my world building and character development aren't the best, but they will improve with time. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please consider supporting, reviewing, commenting, and following. Have a good time!


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1. Death & A Strange System
*06:00 AM**Present day*Daisuke squeezed himself under a table in an open office, looking out through one of the several transparent glass walls of a very tall building in his home city. It was a metropolitan area with lots of skyscrapers and tall buildings.Of course, he was not in there as a resident living in a flat, as the whole building was a workplace and not a home, having over thirty floors with hundreds of offices inside. It was Saturday, not a work day for him, so he was not supposed to be there, but he was, for personal reasons.He chose to stay behind while the other staff retired to their homes, somehow managing to hide in there without getting discovered by the security guards who kept watch the previous night.He had worked at that firm as a cleaner, and it was a job he hated with everything in him. But given the circumstances, what choice did he have? The pay was relatively fair, and it was not an open firm with a reception for customers—the kind of stuff he would li
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2. Forbidden Territory
The system called his attention back to the present moment, snapping him back from his inner thoughts. "I don't understand the question," Daisuke was about to say. But before he could say it, the system asked him, "Let me elaborate: Given that your old life, which drove you into committing suicide, came about mostly by the poor choices you made while growing up, what level of discipline would you want me to enforce on you to keep that from happening again?"This made Daisuke wonder what his reincarnation was going to be for. Wait, how did this system know so much about him? It was strange. But if this system had captured his soul right after his death, then there was something it wanted him to do. He was not going to be reincarnated just to live another life below mediocrity; he had to become far more than that for this to have happened.The different options still lay before him, waiting for him to make his choice. His hand was about to go for the green tab, signifying that he did n
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3. Strange Celestial
"A quick death—that is what you are looking for," asked Aya. "It's the only explanation." Asuka frowned. "Get out of here," she said to Aya, who frowned as she walked towards her instead. "You know I will never allow you to go on your own," she replied. "I know," Asuka responded with a smile. "So shut up and follow me.""Yes, sister," Aya said as she followed suit, resuming their hike up the hill. About twenty minutes later, they reached the top of the hill. Asuka looked around, taking advantage of the high point of view as she looked around with her sister, who saluted the sun as well, looking for any good sign of what they were looking for.Asuka gasped as she noticed something shining from the far distance. "What?" asked Aya with concern upon noticing her sister's startling reaction. "Look over there," Asuka said to her, pointing in the direction she wanted her to examine. Aya's eyes widened as she noticed what it was. In the far distance, deep in the forbidden territory of
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4. Saving Their Saviour
Leaving the corpse of the Jinro behind, the sisters took the stranger's sleeping body with them back into elfin territory. They wondered who this stranger was that had saved them from certain death, and each wanted to show him some hospitality in return, as they felt it was the least they could do for him.Luckily for them, they weren't attacked by any of the Jinro, but they doubted they went unnoticed. It could be that they were seen but not attacked by one of them. If so, they were in grave danger. Also, they had just saved a man who murdered one of the Jinro and left his corpse behind as evidence for it. There was no doubt that trouble was going to erupt from this, but they prayed that it wouldn't be much.A sigh of relief came from both sisters the moment they got back to elven territory."Any idea what we will tell the others?" asked Aya."I have no idea," Asuka replied."I mean, how do we explain ourselves while carrying this stranger with us?" "We can't do so without telling t
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5. Beauty Without Rival
When she noticed he was breathing abnormally, she looked at him intimately, bringing her face closer to his. "What's wrong?" asked Asuka with genuine concern as she placed a hand on his head. The moment she did so, Daisuke got so freaked out that he fell out of bed."I'm sorry, did I scare you?" she said as she came down from the bed, slowly crawling towards him while he crawled backwards, away from her. He did so until his back came into contact with the wall on the other side of the hut. Then she kneeled right in front of him, so close that he felt her large breasts press against his chin.Daisuke's face reddened as this happened. He had never felt such intimacy with a woman before, and it felt overwhelming. Then, to make matters worse, she touched his head again."Damn it. "You have a fever," she said before cupping his face with both hands, causing him to look straight at her."Do I still scare you?" she asked.Now Daisuke could not take it anymore."I'm fine," he said, panting.
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6. An Approaching Threat
"You said what?", he asked. Without talking too much, he laid something wrapped in a cloth on the table and quickly unwrapped it before his brother. Kurai widened his eyes as he saw a sword stained with what was supposedly his brother's blood. "His body lays outside", Mazui said to him, and he sprinted off from the room to see for himself. He got outside and saw the body of his younger brother lying stiff on a large sheet. Maga's lower jaw was broken, and a piercing hole could be seen going up his upper jaw and cutting through his head. "One of our main packs found his body during the start of their nightly hunt. The sword was lodged into his jaw, and from the pattern of the injuries, he was attacked by something very strong", Mazui explained to him. "Who did this?", asked Kurai, with imminent anger in his tone. "We don't know for sure", replied Mazui. "But what we do know is that the sword used to kill him had t
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7. Werewolf Invasion
Kazuya gasped, not believing his eyes. Those weren't just lights. They were eyes, the glowing eyes of the Jinro which shone brilliantly at night to the point of being seen from a far distance. "Sir, are those what I think they are?", asked Hiroshi upon recognising the pattern of lights coming at them. The answer was "yes," of course, but Kazuya did not have to spell it out. "Get back inside and sound the alarm", he instructed Hiroshi. "Assemble as many brave elfs as you can find."Hiroshi ran into the village to do as instructed, while Kazuya watched as several Jinros ran towards the village. He wondered why they would come into elven territory at such an odd hour. The unexpected arrival at such a dark hour meant that the approaching party was out for blood, and the village had to be prepared. -Back at the house, the trio were startled the the sudden sound of a loud horn. Aya and Asuka knew what it meant, and their faces bec
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8. Absolute Carnage
Asuka, Aya and Daisuke ran as fast as they could. By the time they had gotten to the front of the village, they saw the large crowd gathered at the entrance, mainly consisting of young male elves bearing pitchforks, machetes, rods and torches. It was obvious at this point that a war was about to happen, and it was frightening, but what was even more chilling was when they made out the large silhouette of a Jinro leaping right above the ten feet tall fence, into the village and descending on a young boy at the roof a home.They watched in horror as the young elf's body got dismembered by the Jinro, woth both figures appearing as shadows made out by the moonlight, dimly illuminated by the lanterns and torches carried by the elves standing far below. The young boy's blood spilled and rained, and the Jinro responsible howled out, as if delighting in such carnage.What followed was the devastating influx of Jinro running into the city, slaughtering as many elv
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9. A Duel
While he was still thinking on this, the person had noticed his presence, and slowly turned around to face him.Ronin, the village chief was still on his knees beside Mazui, begging him for mercy on behalf of his people.He sighed. "There is no need to beg me anymore, old elf", he said to Ronin. "I have found the person who killed my brother."This caused Ronin to frown briefly, and he tirned to find out whom it was. He recognised the person almost immediately; it was the same injured foreigner whom Asuka and Aya had taken in, the one whom they testified had saved their lives.He took a protective stance against Mazui, covering Asuka and Aya, who were sitting behind him,barely conscious.The old man widened his eyes and he put all the pieces together. It all made sense now.Mazui studied his reaction and took. A deep breath, his eventual exhale came out as a loud howl. He howled so loud that all the Jinro stopped what they were d
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10. A One-Man Army
Having lost a lot of blood, he was sure he wouldn't survive another bite from Mazui. Realising that one of Mazui's limbs was still weak from the injury, Daisuke pulled out the blade from the Bagnak, tearing through Mazui's weak claws to release his arm. Mazui realised what he was up to, and immediately pulled back his limb. But that didn't mean Daisuke was free, as Mazui grabbed his head with his stronger limb, pounding it into the ground multiple times. By the third hit, Daisuke blindly swung his arm forward, and luckily, it tore into the throat of the Jinro, causing it to stagger backwards. Daisuke got back to his feet while Mazui held on to his throat, clutching on hard while he bled out. The Jinro looked behind, seeing the children still holding on to each other back in the house frightened. Realising what Mazui was up to, Daisuke attacked once more, decapitating the beast immediately. The children watched as the head of the Jinro spun sev
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