Cosmic System: Road To Eternity

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Cosmic System: Road To Eternity

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Daisuke Hagaromo is a 19-year-old who is completely bored out of life. His bad decisions had gotten him to the worst place he could have imagined when he was younger, and every day of his life felt miserable. He intends to commit suicide in a quick and painless manner, jumping off the roof of the 100-story building with his eyes closed and succumbing to his miserable fate. He dies successfully, but awakens to find himself floating in a void, greeted by a divinely inspired digital system. In exchange for his eternal submission to the system's conditions, the system offers him a chance at a new and more fulfilling life. Daisuke, against his better judgment, accepts the offer and is transported to another dimension of reality. He would be assigned difficult missions and put through impossible trials there, which would later be revealed to be a path to greater life and immortality. ******* This is a system novel set in medieval times with mythical characters and situations. It is NOT a harem, and there are very few sexually explicit scenes. My world building and character development aren't the best, but they will improve with time. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please consider supporting, reviewing, commenting, and following. Have a good time!

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  • Melchisedec


    Shameless review from the Author!!! The story focuses on characters becoming stronger, which readers often enjoy. Although there are some elements that may remind you of a harem novel, it's not one. The main focus is on character development, with an exciting mix of action and dark fantasy.

    2023-06-22 22:41:55
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85 chapters
1. Death & A Strange System
*06:00 AM* *Present day* Daisuke found himself tightly squeezed underneath a sturdy table, peering anxiously through a clear glass wall of an enormous skyscraper in his bustling city. The urban landscape was teeming with towering buildings and grand structures. However, Daisuke wasn't there as a resident in an apartment; he was in this building for work. It was a massive workplace that occupied over thirty floors and housed hundreds of offices. Even though it was his day off on a Saturday, Daisuke had ventured into the building for personal reasons. While the rest of the staff members went home, he chose to stay behind, skillfully concealing himself from the watchful eyes of the security guards who had patrolled the previous night. Daisuke worked as a cleaner at the firm, a position he despised with every fiber of his being. But given his circumstances, he felt trapped with no better options. The pay was decent, and it wasn't a public place with constant customer interactions, whi
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2. Forbidden Territory
The system abruptly interrupted Daisuke's thoughts, capturing his attention. He was about to express his confusion when the system preemptively offered an explanation."I don't understand," Daisuke started to say, but the system promptly clarified, "Allow me to explain: The sadness you felt in your previous life, which led you to think about ending it, was mostly because of the bad choices you made when you were younger. So, I must ask, how much should I guide you to make sure you don't repeat those same mistakes?"Daisuke wondered about the reason for his rebirth. How did this system have such deep knowledge about him? It was undeniably strange. However, if the system took control of his soul right after his death, there must be a purpose waiting for him. He longed for a life that went beyond the ordinary, aspiring to become something greater.In front of him were different options, tempting him to make a choice. He almost went for the green option, which meant he wanted to be free fr
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3. Strange Celestial
"Do you seek a swift death? Is that what you truly desire?" Aya questioned, her voice filled with concern. "That's the only explanation for your recklessness."Asuka's frown deepened. "Leave me alone," she ordered, but Aya disregarded her words and moved closer."You know I will never let you go on this journey alone," Aya stated firmly."I'm aware," Asuka replied with a slight smile. "So just be quiet and follow my lead.""Yes, sister," Aya reluctantly agreed, and they resumed their ascent up the hill. After about twenty minutes, they reached the summit.Asuka scanned their surroundings, taking advantage of the elevated vantage point. Aya joined her, saluting the sun and searching for any sign of what they sought.Suddenly, Asuka gasped, her attention captured by a glimmer in the distance. Aya grew concerned upon witnessing her sister's reaction. "What is it?" she asked anxiously."Look over there," Asuka said, pointing in a specific direction.Aya's eyes widened as she saw it too. De
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4. Saving Their Saviour
Leaving the lifeless body of the Jinro behind, the sisters began their journey back to the safety of the elven territory, bringing the unconscious stranger with them. Their minds were filled with curiosity about this mysterious person who had selflessly rescued them from a dreadful fate. They both felt a strong urge to express their gratitude and provide him with some hospitality as a token of their appreciation.Luckily, their passage through the Jinro-infested area remained uneventful, although they couldn't shake the uneasy feeling of being watched. It was possible that they had been spotted but spared an attack, which made them feel a sense of impending danger.Furthermore, they now carried the burden of knowing that they had assisted a man who had taken the life of a Jinro, leaving its body as evidence. It was clear that complications would arise, but they fervently hoped that the consequences would be minimal.The sisters let out a collective sigh of relief as they finally reache
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5. Beauty Without Rival
When she noticed his abnormal breathing, she gazed at him intently, drawing her face closer to his."What's wrong?" asked Asuka with genuine concern, placing a hand on his head. Startled, Daisuke became so flustered that he tumbled out of bed."I'm sorry, did I scare you?" she inquired, descending from the bed and slowly crawling towards him as he crawled backward, distancing himself.He continued until his back met the wall on the opposite side of the hut. Then she knelt right in front of him, so close that he felt her ample bosom press against his chin.Daisuke's face reddened at this proximity. He had never experienced such intimacy with a woman before, and it felt overwhelming. To compound matters, she touched his head again."Damn it. You have a fever," she exclaimed, cupping his face with both hands, causing him to gaze directly into her eyes."Do I still frighten you?" she inquired.Daisuke reached his breaking point."I'm fine," he said, panting. Summoning all his willpower, he
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6. An Approaching Threat
"You said what?" he asked.Without saying too much, he placed something wrapped in a cloth on the table and quickly unwrapped it before his brother.Kurai widened his eyes as he saw a sword stained with what was presumably his brother's blood."His body lies outside," Mazui said to him, and he sprinted out of the room to see for himself.He went outside and saw the body of his younger brother lying stiff on a large sheet. Maga's lower jaw was broken, and a piercing hole could be seen going up through his upper jaw and cutting through his head."One of our main packs found his body during the start of their nightly hunt. The sword was lodged into his jaw, and from the pattern of the injuries, he was attacked by something very strong," Mazui explained to him."Who did this?" asked Kurai, his tone filled with imminent anger."We don't know for sure," replied Mazui. "But what we do know is that the sword used to kill him had the mark of the elves on it.""The elves?" asked Kurai. "The elve
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7. Werewolf Invasion
Kazuya's eyes widened in astonishment, unable to believe what he was seeing before him. It was not just a mere display of lights; rather, they were the luminous eyes of the Jinro, shining brilliantly in the dark, visible even from a great distance away. "Sir, are those what I think they are?" Hiroshi inquired, recognizing the familiar pattern of lights approaching them. The answer was undoubtedly "yes," but Kazuya didn't need to articulate it explicitly. "Quickly, go back inside and sound the alarm," he instructed Hiroshi urgently. "Gather as many brave elves as you can find." Following his orders, Hiroshi rushed into the village while Kazuya observed the Jinro dashing towards their territory. He pondered why they would invade elven land at such an unusual hour. The unexpected arrival in the dead of night implied that the approaching party had malicious intentions, and the village needed to be prepared. Meanwhile, back at their dwelling, the trio was startled by the sudden blare o
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8. Absolute Carnage
Asuka, Aya, and Daisuke sprinted with all their might. When they reached the front of the village, they saw a large crowd gathered at the entrance. Most of them were young male elves armed with pitchforks, machetes, rods, and torches.It was clear that a war was about to erupt, and it was terrifying. However, what chilled them even more was spotting the imposing figure of a Jinro leaping over the ten-foot-tall fence and descending upon a young boy on a rooftop.They watched in horror as the Jinro tore the young elf's body apart. The moonlight and flickering lanterns and torches cast eerie shadows on the gruesome scene, with the young boy's blood spilling and raining down. The Jinro responsible howled, seemingly reveling in the carnage.Soon after, a devastating horde of Jinro flooded into the village, mercilessly slaughtering as many elves as they could find. Asuka, Aya, and Daisuke froze in their tracks, unable to move any further.They had arrived just in time to witness the aftermat
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9. A Duel
While he pondered over this, the person noticed his presence and turned slowly to face him.Ronin, the village chief, remained on his knees beside Mazui, desperately begging for mercy on behalf of his people.Mazui let out a sigh. "There's no need to plead anymore, old elf," he said to Ronin. "I've found the person responsible for my brother's death."Ronin's frown deepened, and he turned to see who it was. He immediately recognized the person; it was the injured foreigner whom Asuka and Aya had taken in, the one they claimed had saved their lives.Ronin instinctively assumed a protective stance in front of Mazui, shielding Asuka and Aya, who sat weakly behind him.The old man's eyes widened as he pieced everything together. It all made sense now.Mazui observed Ronin's reaction and took a deep breath. When he exhaled, it came out as a loud, echoing howl that pierced the air. His cry was so powerful that all the Jinro halted their actions. At that moment, the remaining elves fighting i
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10. A One-Man Army
Daisuke quickly realized that another bite from Mazui could be deadly due to his significant loss of blood. He had to think fast. He noticed a weak spot in Mazui's limb and swiftly used his Bagnak blade to slice through the Jinro's weakened claws, freeing his arm. Mazui sensed Daisuke's plan and hastily pulled his limb back, narrowly avoiding the blade. But Daisuke's relief was short-lived. Mazui seized his head with his stronger limb and viciously slammed it into the ground repeatedly. Desperate to defend himself, Daisuke swung his arm blindly and luckily tore into Mazui's throat, causing the Jinro to stagger backward. Daisuke regained his balance as Mazui clutched his bleeding throat, struggling to maintain his grip. Mazui glanced behind him and saw the children still frightened and huddled together inside a house. Daisuke saw this as an opportunity and launched another attack, swiftly beheading Mazui. The children watched in awe as Mazui's head flew through the air, eventually co
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