Chapter 68: Harva Dryo

A cube-like Item with a yellowish luster floated out of the chest. Everyone watched as the cube slowly lifted in the air. It stopped as it reached Mika’s shoulder level.

Mika smiled as she saw the Reward in front of her. She carefully grabbed it and as soon as the item reached the hand of Mika, both of the chests perished in thin air.

“I think she picked the right one!” Orixa gleefully exclaimed.

Mika turned around to face the other players, whilst raising the item in the air with her hand.

“I got it! I got it!” Mika exclaimed with celebration while enthusiastically jumping up and down.

She returned to the Formation to show the Reward to the other players.

“What did you get?” Russia asked.

Mika opened her palm to show the cube.

“It looks like an Elemental Essence,” Hierre said as soon as

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