The Ultimate Man

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The Ultimate Man

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When a poor young man receives an extraordinary system, he realizes that the only way to unleash its full potential is to become the ultimate human being. Daniel Elrod is a poor student who attended university on a scholarship. After he was forced to leave his girl, a super AI came and gave him a system for unlimited money and super abilities. When he realized that he could only spend as much money as possible if he had a high position, he tried to get the highest noble title in human history.


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122 chapters
Chapter 1 - The Urgent Message
Ding! As the handsome young man was engrossed in reading some papers, a message notification on his phone caught his attention. When he saw the sender's name, he raise an eyebrow in surprised. ‘Ellie?’ [Danny, let's meet now!] After reading the message, Daniel Elrod's heart raced as if it might burst from his chest. Without hesitation, he replied eagerly. [Can you wait for me for an hour? I'll meet you at our usual place.] Sent. Daniel took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, as if releasing a heavy burden he had been carrying. This was the first time they had exchanged messages since three months ago, when Eleanor had suddenly disappeared. Since then, she had not responded to any of his messages or returned any of his phone calls. Eleanor Smith was a very beautiful girl with a gentle temperament. She was the first girl to catch Daniel's attention since he moved to Tectona six years ago to continue his high school education. During the first two years, Daniel held Eleanor in high
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Chapter 2 - A New System
When Daniel opened his eyes, he looked around and felt familiar with his surroundings. It was a hospital room. But who had brought him here? Before his curiosity faded, a hologram panel appeared in front of him. [Daniel, I have entered your body and merged with it. From now on, I will communicate with you through this panel that only you can see. Here you can access all information related to your body. I have also given you a system that you can use to increase your strength. This system gives you unlimited access to money. You can use it to get anything you want. For every million dollars you spend, there will be one point that you can use to increase your body level or buy other skills. However, there is one rule that you must follow. You must make sure that everything you buy with that money is something you can keep, something that increases your level of responsibility. The more responsibility you have, the more points you will receive. One more thing! I cannot help you if so
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Chapter 3 - I Came to Give It Back
Daniel walked along the corridor of the first floor of a tall and majestic building with dozens of floors. It was the main building of the Tectona University. He was on his way to see Randal Collins, the vice president of the University, who had been in charge of his scholarship. Right now, Daniel had only one goal in mind. He would apologize to Randal and honestly explain the real reason why he had been leaving class frequently. After Daniel was convinced that Antony was probably the one who had threatened and used Eleanor to disrupt his classes, he decided to stop covering up the problem. He did not expect his scholarship status to be reinstated. He had to take responsibility for his mistake. After all, he had an unlimited amount of money in his system. He no longer needed financial aid from the campus. When Daniel was almost at the door of the vice president's office, a door from the adjacent room opened. Surprisingly, the slender figure he wanted to meet stepped out of the door.
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Chapter 4 - Do You Afford to Pay
Sandro exited the vice president's office and walked down the corridor, with Daniel following behind. They arrived at a door with a sign that read "Administrative Center". From the sign, one could infer that the room in front of them was the place where all administrative matters of Tectona University were handled, including tuition payments. When Sandro opened the door, it was a large hall filled with rows of neat, small cubicles equipped with a desk and chair, each occupied by one person. Everyone's attention was focused on the computer screens in front of them. Next to the door was a long table facing the cubicles. Behind the table were several chairs where several women were doing the same thing as the people in the booths. As Sandro entered the room, he walked straight to the long table and turned his back to the women, while Daniel stayed by the door. Seeing Sandro's arrival, a beautiful girl and several older women straightened up and looked at each other. They moved their han
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Chapter 5 - The Biggest Donation
Erica inputted the figure of fifty thousand dollars into the computer and asked Daniel to place his thumb on the sensor once again. Daniel hesitated. What if the transaction failed again? He didn't want to embarrass himself any further. For a few moments, Daniel considered the possibility of failure. "Please place your thumb here," Erica said again, snapping Daniel out of his thoughts. "Okay, one more time," Daniel said to himself. He made a plan in case the transaction failed again. It was to leave the room immediately. Daniel put his thumb on the sensor again. Immediately, a sound was heard from the same machine as before. "Payment successful!" The room, which had been filled with mocking sounds directed at Daniel, suddenly fell silent. They couldn't believe what they heard. The people in the room began to wonder. How could this be possible? Does this young man really have the money? Sandro, who had been laughing all the time, stopped. He didn't want his plan to fail. He had t
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Chapter 6 - A Nobleman Who Hides His True Identity
After that, Daniel felt the urge to check his system, so he opened his hologram panel. [Name: Daniel Elrod] [Body level: 0.1 percent] [Super Skills: 0] [Money in system: Unlimited] [Money spent: $20,275,000] [Points: 0] "The money is indeed unlimited!" Daniel exclaimed inwardly. But when he saw that his points hadn't increased, he felt a bit disappointed. "Should I exchange my money for something to get more points?" Meanwhile, not far from where he stood, Erica continued to stare at Daniel with a look of amazement. "Is this real? An aristocrat with such an appearance? It's really strange!" Erica had befriended many young men and women from aristocratic families. She knew their taste in clothes very well. If they didn't wear a neat suit, they usually wore casual clothes that cost thousands of dollars. She had never seen an aristocrat wearing a two dollar shirt and a pair of pants that cost no more than ten dollars. Daniel's appearance was very different from their lifestyle.
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Chapter 7 - Oldham Palace
"Of course!" Daniel replied with a forced smile. Feeling like he had obtained all the information he wanted, Daniel changed the topic of conversation. "Miss Insignia, do you have any information about a peaceful house in the area of this town?" He asked because he was a bit desperate in his efforts to find a house online. He thought that the girl might know some things that were not available on the Internet. Therefore, he wanted to ask her opinion. On the other hand, the question triggered a memory in Clara's mind of a place that had long been the focus of her attention. "Have you ever heard of the Palace?" Daniel shook his head slightly. "Unfortunately, I'm just now hearing about it." "Its official name is Oldham Palace. It's a palace in the true sense of the word!" Clara said with a serious look on her face. "The palace is on the edge of a forest that borders the sea. From the backyard you can see the calm blue sea in the morning and in the evening. On quiet nights, you can
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Chapter 8 - Tec-Auto
Ding! Another email arrived on Daniel's phone. When he opened it, it was a notification about a car show organized by Tec-Auto, the biggest dealer in the city of Tectona. The email also contained some pictures of cars being displayed at the dealership. Most of them were luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Despite having unlimited money, Daniel did not see the need to buy one of these luxury cars. He had been disciplined since childhood and was used to prioritizing everything. Right now, he just wanted a car that was good enough for his daily use. After scrolling through some pictures, his attention was drawn to a new truck that was priced quite affordably. "This car is not bad," Daniel thought to himself. Then he got up from his seat. His current destination was Tec-Auto. Tec-Auto deserved the title of "the biggest and the best" in the city. From a distance, the dealer's building area was almost the size of a football stadium. When you saw the number of car collect
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Chapter 9 - Leopard Black Series
"What are you doing?" The middle-aged man who was leading them asked, looking back and forth between Daniel and Helena. His look was suspicious. "No! Nothing happened..." Helena quickly pulled herself away from Daniel. She wanted to explain what had just happened, but the middle-aged man interrupted her. "Didn't I forbid you to come here, Helena? Didn't you hear me?" "I'm sorry, Jason. I was just escorting Mr. Daniel to-" Jason raised his hand in Helena's direction. He didn't want to hear an explanation from her. "Did that riffraff persuade you to come here? Did he try to do something bad to you?" He glared at Daniel as he said this. "No! Please forgive me! Mr. Daniel actually helped me," Helena pleaded, moving her hands. "Helped you? What can a useless young man like him do?" Jason kept his eyes on Daniel. Then he turned to the two guards behind him. "Take this vagrant out and teach him a lesson! I don't want trash like him coming in here like rats." The two guards starte
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Chapter 10 - A Bet
"What did you say? What can you be proud of, trash!" Joseph shouted as he tightened his grip around Daniel's neck. His handsome face looked very tense. Anyone who had been around Joseph for a long time would know that the young man's temper was fierce. Especially with his noble status. None of those living in Tectona dared to provoke him. Daniel was unaffected by the shouting. Calmly, he said. "Don't think too much of yourself! We'll never know who the real scum is until we prove it!" Joseph did not immediately respond to Daniel's words. In fact, his laughter exploded upon hearing such words. Ha ha ha ha ha! "What are you trying to prove? Don't you see that shirt you're wearing? My dog even wears clothes that cost thousands of times more!" "How about we make a bet?" Daniel said again, still with a face without any expression at all. "Look at you! What do you want to bet, idiot?" Joseph sank deeper into laughter. He even held his stomach, which was starting to hurt from the con
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