With the dragons already awakened, a lot has lost composure and fell into despair as they saw the dragon flying above the city. Weather starts to change rapidly as they flap their 4 wings that was creating hurricanes. Lightning was striking everywhere, and the thunders were like something that is made from high frequency and is also creating massive earthquakes. The city of Rockmington has turned into a disastrous city in just minutes. And with half of their men already having hopeless thoughts, it might be impossible for them to overcome this. Because the strength of the 10-unit leaders and the commander and his vice won’t be enough to take this monster down. Not to mention the fact that one of their powerhouses, Vincent is nowhere to be found. Vincent is currently freeing the slaves and is rescuing them and then killing criminals in the process. Ian looks up in disbelief, as the one that his later brother has devoted to, the theory he hel

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