The hero who was blessed by the goddess of snakes

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The hero who was blessed by the goddess of snakes

By: Theelicht OngoingFantasy

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John Erling and his class had been summoned to another world. Every single one of them had been blessed by one of the many gods. "What do you mean i have been blessed by the goddess of snakes?" (Not my image, if the author wants me to put it down. Please contact me and i will.)

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Character list
Character Sheet (SPOILER)John Erling1,8 Meters tall, 18 years old, light blue eyes, short black hair.The MC for this story. His parents are from Scandinavia, they never were specific about their past. His parents loved to spend time in the wild nature, mountain climbing, hiking, and sleeping in the forest. Naturally, John had to accompany them from an early age, and from them, he had learned a lot about surviving in the wild. But because of this, John has become rather awkward around other people and tends to spend his time thinking. He has barely any friends in school but gets along with the teachers.His blessing is from the goddess Echidna, the snake goddess. The priests of Athena don´t have any records of this blessing and are not sure about John´s training.Currently, he has three familiars that he can only summon for one hour each and they each have a cooldown of three hours.Familiars:Quetzal the flying snake.Length, around one meter.Has green scales and a pair of feather
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Chapter 1: Summoned Heroes
„Welcome, oh heroes, to the kingdom of Griphonia. We have summoned you all because our kingdom, no, our world is in a dire situation. I know that we have ripped you out of your world, but please, help us.”, said an old man that was wearing a white robe, his face was mostly hidden beneath a white hood.He continued to speak about the threat and how only we were able to save them from it.I didn´t pay any attention to his speech after the first part, I don´t think that many were paying attention to him, which was mostly thanks to the death glares that the people around the old priest were giving us.On both sides, beside the priest stood multiple armored knights, holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.That alone would probably scare the shit out of most people, but the glares that these people were giving us were just on a completely different level.It was to the point that I didn´t even dare to move an inch, nor look around to see how the others were reacting to this,
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Chapter 2: Summoning Familiars
“Now then, as I had already told you, every god has the chance to give the heroes their blessings. Some are more common, such as the blessing from the god of war. Others are a bit rarer, as the blessing from the god of the underworld.”, Father Alexander said as he moved behind the desk and sat down on the chair.Confused, I asked, “And what does it mean for my blessing? Is it one that was rarely given?”“In a sense that is correct. The blessing that you had received was from Echidna, the snake goddess. And as far as I remember, the last time that she had given her blessing was over 1000 years ago.”, Father Alexander said with a serious look.“Echidna…”, I said while thinking back to the statue of the goddess.“Did you feel drawn to the statue of Echidna?”, Father Alexander asked while raising an eyebrow.“Yes, I was. But there was another statue that was drawing me in, it was the statue of Tiamat.”, I answered honestly.“Both Tiamat and Echidna? That is quite strange. Not that you wer
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Chapter 3: Learning magic
The next day, everyone was gathered behind the church, where a training ground was located.The priests told us that the training ground was for the knights stationed there so they could train while not on duty.All twenty-four students and both teachers stood in the middle of the ground, waiting for the instructors to arrive.Everyone was talking about the blessing that they had received and what it could do.For example, the class president, an 18-year-old young man with short red hair, called Richard Smith, had the blessing of the god of fire.It gave him pyroclastic abilities and it seemed as if he could also freely control his flames, and it seemed that he almost burned down his room by accident.He wasn´t the only one that had gained the ability to create and control a certain element.Miss Preston had gained it over darkness and shadows.She enlarged her own shadow and slowly began to sink into it, but she stopped once she had sunk to her waist and slowly rose again.“Good morn
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Chapter 4: Naming the snakes
I opened my eyes, only to see a giant transparent snake that was coiled around me.“What happened? Why is there a snake coiled around me?”Ok, I know that I was blessed by the snake goddess and all, but this takes things a bit too far.“Calm down, it is your magic-given form, but I am not sure about the form. Is it a sign from Echidna?”, Father Alexander said as he stood up and walked toward me.“Try to concentrate and bring this construct back under your control.”, he said.I nodded and tried to reach out to the construct made out of my magic.The head of the snake looked at me for a moment before touching my hand and disappearing.“I think we need to talk about what happened.”, Father Alexander said as he looked at me.“The other priests are going to help you with how to control your magic and how to use it to cast magic. John, if you would please accompany me to my office.”Not seeing any other option, I followed after Father Alexander, I could feel the stares of everyone on me.On
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Chapter 5: Conversation with the General
Third personal point of view, General Selena Although General Selena seemed rather disappointed at the performance of Miss Priston, in reality, it was the exact opposite. It was extremely difficult to implement magic into one fighting style, and the way Miss Priston managed to do it would make you believe that she had trained for years. ‘Those damn blessings, are all of them such monsters?’ General Selena thought. However, her hopes would quickly be abolished because the next few people, instinctively tried to use their magic in the fight, but their ability to use it with their weapons was simply put abysmal. Their bodies were moving without any thoughts and the person couldn´t control their bodies. ‘HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE THEM INTO CAPABLE FIGHTERS!!!’ yelled General Selena in her mind. She was cursing the blessings with such vulgarity that if someone would hear it, they would faint from it. Luckily for everyone around, the remaining people were able to perfume som
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Chapter 6: History of Demons and Devils
We continued to walk through the big arsenal until we finally reached the end of it.There stood a podium with ten ancient-looking weapons and three ancient sets of armor, and in the middle of them, all was a weapon wrapped in cloth.However, the form of the weapon was still similar to that of a sword.“Well, here we are. The relics under the care of the order.” William said with a proud face.“Relics?” I asked in confusion, from the books that I read relics were usually things with immense power, but if that were the case here, then why wasn´t the order or the kingdom using them?Seeing my confused state, General Selena sighed and said, “Sadly, it is not like what you think. We call these weapons and armors relics because they are ancient. All of them are at least three hundred years old, if not older. As far as we know, none of them was anything special, or if they were, then they no longer are…”As I heard her explanation, I could swear that she sounded a bit disappointed about it.
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Chapter 7: Ariane
After I had managed to calm down, the general started to ask her questions.“Teacher, you said that the devils had been sealed, if that is true, then why are we being taught that they had been killed?”“That my dear Selena is a good question. And it is simply because in a way they are dead.” William said with a smile.Both I and the general were confused by this answer, after all, William had said that the devils had been sealed because the gods hadn´t had the power to kill them.“Now, now, let me explain. I am saying that they are practically dead because it has been a thousand years since the devils had been sealed away and yet there had never been any signs that they attempted to escape.” William said with a smile.“How can you be sure about that? No one has set foot into the lands of the demons since that war, so how would anyone besides the demons know about the current status of the devils and the seal?” Selena asked suspiciously.“Because if there had been even the slightest ch
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