The King Of Heaven

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The King Of Heaven

By: Ainin CompletedFantasy

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Twenty-five years ago, Lanvin descended to Earth, the last descendant of the heavenly kingdom of Arkawisesar. Despite being confused as to how he could excel in martial arts and play the magic lute without ever studying them, Luanvin recognized that his grandfather's pure blood had perfectly flowed through him, giving him access to all the powers of his grandfather and the descendants of the sky kingdom. One day, while meditating, Luanvin was surprised to find a mysterious presence within his meditation. For days, several disembodied voices had been bothering him, claiming that he was the sole heir to the throne of the sky kingdom of Arkawisesar and that he must take his place immediately. What will become of Luanvin's life next? Will he manage to find the location of the celestial kingdom of Arkawisesar?

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  • Rebecca Rodriguez


    Love this story

    2022-09-14 02:32:46
  • Ainin_ain


    Very good, continue the author. I am waiting!

    2022-09-14 17:36:13
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167 chapters
Blue Crystal Bodies
The rest of the royal family were already on their knees with messy faces and clothes torn by sword tips. Not even wanting to miss it, dust and dirt stuck to the faces as if they were no longer valuable.The king, empress, concubines, and loyal servants of the king have been conquered under hundreds of troops with swords drawn in front and behind them. Only sobs can be heard softly as a large bruise gnaws at the body of a young woman in a white dress similar to a cheongsam with dozens of scarves fluttering between her waist and arms. Blood was flowing all over her body; she was a College as well as the primary empress of the kingdom. Exactly last night, she witnessed her husband being killed by a commander from the colonial side, made him draw a sword, and retaliate against the Chief assassin who killed his lover, future king of the ruler of the sky kingdom Arkawisesar. But unfortunately, he couldn't match the magic of the warlord who was the most significant part of the Arworkouge
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You, Luanvin
"She won't be conscious again forever, Heracles." A flash of white shadow placed the hand of the helpless woman he had just checked for veins on the stone couch. He stared at her face for a moment, then rubbed his stomach. "But, the baby in her womb is still fine. She's strong enough despite being hit by internal energy. We have to pick her up now." Heracles stared at his Master's face in disbelief. How could it be? "Use the mysticism I taught you. Pick up the two-month-old baby in the womb now. We'll put it in Restaka's blue crystal womb. He would thrive in it, and a thousand years was not a long time. The baby will develop ideally within the crystal until it finally becomes a young woman who will be able to start future life. As usual, Herakles didn't need to speak, but his Master could answer the questions in his heart. Without speaking or thinking anything, Herakles stepped forward, causing the white shadow to take a few steps back. Heracles started with agile hand mov
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Asking for Help
"I'm sorry, Headmaster. There is someone outside who wants to meet you, have you finished meditating?"Luanvin was silent in confusion, his eyes scanned the entire room, which was originally pitch black, now brighter because of the lantern hanging on the wall. The place to meditate is also neater, he is in the middle of a cobblestone covered with silk. The white silver sword still lay on his left side while the black lute with shiny strings is still the same in place. Not changed at all, since fifty-five days he meditated. Luanvin twisted his right hand, sending the pin flying over him and into his chest. Jerking, Luanvin immediately touched it, until a white light shone from it. "That pin will not hurt you, my grandson. It is a symbol of possession that will make you recognized by the people of the kingdom of heaven. Go, avenge our hurt feelings on the person who snatched the throne from us...."Echoing the formless voice said, Luanvin just remained silent without answering. He di
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The Beginning of an Adventure
Luanvin was pensive in his seat, thinking about many things, including the problem of the western forest that needed his help. Twisting the small glass filled with water as sweet as honey, only the two were left there. The ranger of the western forest has been asked to leave. He would send his disciples tomorrow to help reduce the trouble that befell him. Alhena stood motionless on the right side in front of her. Watching Luanvin's every move as if he was thinking about something. "Who am I actually?" he thought with a sigh. "Why did I immediately become a school and the leader of this forbidden school? Who sent me? I... replace who?" Silence, no voice answered the question from his head. Still sitting cross-legged on the round couch in silk, Luanvin ignored the existence of Alhena, who was also daydreaming of many things in his mind. "The sky kingdom of Arkawisesar. What's that? An empire? But whose?" Thinking back, Luanvin touched his chest where the strangely lined white pin h
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Omen of Death
Luanvin did not answer the words of the formless voice. He plucked the strings of his lute, then closed his eyes. No emotion, no purpose. Luanvin just wanted to make the strumming sound of the lute lead to an event.From the window of his room, the sun was moving down. The leaves of the trees that grew around the sideyard of the building moved as the wind blew. The tinkling sound of the harp he plucked sounded like the rhythm of sad music. It wasn't him who chose the rhythm, each time the sound of his chorus sounded as if it had brought him to an event.Knock! Knock!"Headmaster?” Alhena's voice called out to her from outside."Come in."Still strumming the harp and making sounds, Luanvin already heard the sound of his bedroom door opening.Alhena stood not far from the couch where she was sitting. The dashing youth fell silent, watching Lanvin play his lute. "Is there anything the Principal of the College needs?"The movement of his finger, which was about to pluck the strings again
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One Day Before the Full Moon
"No," answered Luanvin, still looking calmly at the figures carrying the coffin.Alhena stared at Luanvin's face for a long time, as if looking for an answer from that gaze as well as that calming expression. "He was almost on the verge of death. It wasn't him, but his spirit that started to be taken away." Luanvin looked at Alhena who was still staring at him until their eyes locked with each other."One hundred years you lived here. Have you seen Prince Kandra just once?"Alhena was silent, she tried to remember about it, but no experience led her to get the answer yes to the headmaster's question. "Never, right?" Without waiting for Lanvin's answer, Lanvin already knew. "How many women does the king of Madeira ask for every full moon?""Fourteen at most, Headmaster. And at least seven. Normally the King of Madeira would rotate them one by one, and touch them until it eats all of them without residue. Does this have anything to do with Prince Kandra ?""There is. According to my i
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"Thank you for reminding. I'm on my way," he said, rising to his feet. "Can you come back on your own?"The girl was silent, to be honest she was still weak and did not dare to get up. Even without being told Luanvin was able to see it. "I will try, Headmaster. Don't worry about me, go to the kingdom and help my friends," he said, inching to his feet. Luanvin smiled faintly, then looked at Alhena who didn't react. "You're from the sacred Wisaka village, aren't you?" The man nodded slowly. "Where were you kidnapped earlier? Is it outside or inside the house?" Silence for a moment, the man said. "Servant is in the backyard cleaning the vegetable garden in the garden, Headmaster. Before finally the black figure came and took me away."Without speaking, Luanvin had closed his eyes and cupped one hand in front of his chest. Alhena looked at the young woman who was starting to get dimly seen. Alhena was again astonished, especially when she saw the woman's body completely disappear from
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Where is Prince Kandra?
The men looked at each other, then smiled respectfully and shook their heads. They dispersed, looking for sticks and building a bonfire. "If we go home it's not going to be home, but in the belly of a beast.""Yes, that's right. We'd better wait until tomorrow morning. The two angels are here, we'll be safe."The others nodded, then swarmed the bonfire with a small stick to light the fire. Over time, sparks were seen from the dry grass, until finally the fire started to burn and slowly spread. Luanvin looked at Alhena who had come with a pile of deer. His lips smiled, realizing the swiftness of the young woman who was his personal bodyguard to catch the prey in the middle of the night. He sat on the grass, staring at the women who immediately took the deer from Alhena and immediately grilled it. One or two there were going in several directions, taking water using the bamboo that Luanvin brought. They are busy, like they haven't eaten in days. For a moment the venison was placed on
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Holy Bath
Alhena who heard Luanvin's flat words immediately swallowed her saliva slowly."I don't mean to underestimate you, Headmaster. I'm just afraid you'll be okay because the Queen of Madeira has lived for hundreds of years." Alhena said politely, looking at Luanvin who was still staring at the front, the face of the Head of the College looked blank as if he didn't hear anything. "Forgive my mistake," Alhena said again, looking down deeply."It's okay." Luanvin put her sword on his lap, then looked at Alhena for a moment. "I understand how you feel, I just came down to this place, I don't know much yet. I need you to remind me of what I can't do."Alhena nodded, still looking down at his side. "Go to sleep, tomorrow you come with me and we will drop them off quickly before returning to the palace." Alhena nodded again. "Okay, Headmaster."Luanvin looked ahead again, hearing the sound of movement from Alhena who had gotten up and moved to find a place to sleep. Before long, he saw a clot
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The water in the river that became the holy bath this time turned blue because of something light that emanated from Luanvin's body. The men he helped seemed to close their eyes, holding each other's hands in the water that soaked their bodies.Silence, no sound was heard. The men were asked to calm down because they had to absorb at least twenty percent of the protective spells that blended in with the water they were in.In that silence, Luanvin felt someone speaking from quite a distance away but still around the riverbank. Two men and one woman seemed to be the heads of their respect.“That man… Isn't he the leader of the Forbidden College on top of the mountain? What is he doing here with the men now?" asked one man who was brushing the grass to get a peek."I don't know, the longer the head of the forbidden school became, the more handsome and authoritative he became. He looks like a God. According to the story, he will always travel every year to destroy evil and spread it wel
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