Jessica and Violet then entered the office as Violet sat down on her chair and began arranging some papers,

“Jessica, you will be the ones taking the reins of this undercover mission. Keep my idiot brother under control. However, here’s the catch. If I simply appointed you as the leader of this mission, then I wouldn’t have called you in. But right now, I am assuming that in your current mental stability, I can’t let you be the one to decide what to do…in other words, Vincent would be the one doing the tactics. Understand?” Violet told Jessica.

As Violet raised her head to look at Jessica, her vice-captain was just sitting there and is spacing out. Violet sighed,

“Jessica!” Violet bellowed.

Jessica was startled and looked at her captain,

“Did you hear what I said?” Violet asked.

“What was it again?”

Violet shrugged and sighed,

“You are the leader of this mission, but Vincent will be the one doing the tactics or strategies, understand?!” Violet repeated.

Jessica tried to argue. As it i
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