As the fight of Kevin and Vincent erupts, every single person has felt it. The clash pf two powerful auras can be seen. Because of its intensity, the clashing aura can be seen flickering above the dorm area. Victor cursed as it was too late, Kevin and Vincent had made contact with each other, an all-out fight is now breaking out. Sophia has now defeated her opponent but she didn’t come out unscathed, so did her boyfriend who came badly injured. Olivia and Francine were also victors as they won against Jason who deeply underestimated them till the end. Kristine and Eric has also prevailed and all the Council members are now down, every single one of them. The fall has begun and the start of something far worse is brewing in the dormitories. The fight has already started between Vincent and Kevin, and everyone can feel the rumbling of the earth as the two monsters collide. Fighting has stopped and it is to listen to the clash of the two that creates loud blasts. And then, they s

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