Since Vincent has no decent company, he was spending all his time in the gym and training himself. And because of the sparring incident, no one has been agreeing to have a match with Vincent. So, in order to entertain himself, Vincent kept on training. And every breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of his siblings and his father also has been asking him to cook. Margarita was still there and was chilling, she had told Vincent about his blood, and Vincent was quite disappointed. He had become their cook without him knowing. Well, he never minds at all so it was just fine. After almost a whole day of lifting weights and improving his already high stamina, Vincent has decided to take a break from his work out since it will soon be night. He went to the dog house of Buddy, his pet and there he played with him. And what he expected was relaxing, it was actually very exhausting. Buddy didn’t want to stop playing with Vincent, it is understandable since they haven’t seen each other fo

Kurt Dp.

Hi Guys! I would like to thank you all for reading my book. It is a pleasure to write stories that entertain you guys. Thank you for the support! I am happy to say that, We are now at the 2nd phase of the story! "May the power within you awaken only for heroism.”

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