Olivia is now on the way back to the cave after relaying the information to her boyfriend. She had slipped through the guards earlier and she experienced no problems at delivering the information. No one was suspicious, so she thought that she is doing a perfectly good job as an undercover. She was not expecting forgiveness from Vincent and the others once her true motives and plans were revealed, especially to Vincent and Francine who took her in even though they have their own doubts. But Francine was right all along, she is a spy of the Emmanuel group, and now she is being an instrument on how will her group dispose of Vincent who is their primary target. What she needs to do now is to keep her cool as she goes back and observe. She was just sad that this group won’t make it to the finish line. And as he arrived at the entrance, she opened the door with her strength and element power, she entered then closed it. But before she could turn around and go back to the others, so

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