Speed-run Civilization

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Speed-run Civilization

By: K N Aditya OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A young man was trying to finish his high school project when a fire killed him. He thought this is the end but fate had something planned for him. He was reincarnated as young prince who is abandoned on an Dessert Island. How will he survive? How will he make this deserted barren land into an overpowered kingdom with his future knowledge?


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73 chapters
Another World
ories of the lost soul and recycle it… but as you entertained me I would like to give you another chance at life what do you say?" "Another chance, wait, you can do that?" "Of course I maintain order in the universe so I have the power to do whatever I want" "So you are going to send me back?" "No… I will be sending you to another world with your memories intact" "that.. that.. I" Swish… swoosh.. I can hear the sound of the wind. It was so strong that I felt like I would be blown away, wait wind!! I slowly open my eyes. I was floating in the air right above a maginfect medieval city. There were stone houses in very messy arrangements , a market crowded with people shouting,arguing, and even some fighting. cartridges running along the dirty muddy roads , I can even see people with chains around their necks and hands wait are they slaves!? what the hell?. I can see different types of people too like so with horns or others with long Ears. Nobody seems to be able to see me. I a
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The Gift
It's been 3 weeks since we left the capital and we arrived at the coastal town Ronin. We are searching for a ship that can take us to the island city of Jola but it seems no ship is willing to sail to such a cursed land. Sitting in an inn with my knight captain Hughes I started asking him details "So we weren't able to get a ship that is willing to sail to Jola , your highness I sent some knights search for any old ships so we can buy it and sail by ourselves " "Well it's the only option we have right so .." "Yes your highness I will leave take my leave now I think the junior knight got something " With that he left with the junior knight who was standing at the door. Silence ~~ For a brief moment there was nothing but silence, it's been 3 weeks since I got reincarnated into this world and I have been trying to digest what is happening and what has happened. I am supposed to be entertainment for the so-called 'God' yet he didn't even give me a good starting point damn this is s
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Jola City
The mellow sun rises over the shifting sands of the Jola Desert. Dawn.Over a ridge, far in the midst of the desert a small city made with leftover wooden pieces of ships and whatnot is filled with people looking like they will drop dead any second as they haven't eaten a proper meal in a while. Winds filled with sand below every few seconds making the scene look more gloomy. Few fishing canoes could be seen at the shores trying to catch fish but to no avail. Richard, a common fisherman, was trying his best to catch as many fish as he could so that he could help the people in the city. He has been doing this every single day as soon as the sun rises so that starving children in the city can have food but it seems that luck was never on his side. 3 months ago all the nobles in the city left the peasants saying they have been called back to the capital saying that a prince of the empire has been banished to this island so they no longer need to stay in this god-for-saken island making t
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Lord’s Summon
Richard, Jessica , Nille and Sarah walked into the lord's castle following the Knight who was leading them to the audience room. They could see that there were many Knights positioned in the Castle then normal but they didn't understand why? Is the Prince threatened by them? But he has Trained Knights so why? However they pushed these thoughts to the back of their mind and focused on what they would do if the prince asked something unreasonable. When they arrived in the audience room they were about to kneel when they noticed that the lord's chair was empty and a handsome young man with black hair was standing in front of the chair looking at Parchment in his hand. Everyone knows that Ewan Family members have red hair so seeing someone with black hair like a regular person so they were confused. "Ah you have arrived.. sorry i didn't notice you there I was just looking at his highness orders" His highness's orders everyone understood that he was not the lord but who is this man? "o
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The New Kingdom of Jola
It's been a Month since I arrived in Jola. I have been acting sick all this time by staying in my room because I have been making Rules and Plans for the future like I said I plan getting revenge and also making a peaceful place just like my mom wanted. All my 300 Knights have been working sincerely because one has to know my mother was like there savor in their eyes why because they all were deemed to be useless knights for the empire so they were to be removed from their duties but my mother hired them with whatever money she had and looked after them as they were her family.This is the reason why I trust them with my life.The city of 900 citizens has been transforming this whole month. This place used to have more then thousands of citizens that's why it was called Jola City but now that there are less than thousand people I don't know I should still call it a city (it's more like a town isn't it?).I walked out of my room towards the stables where I found a few young stable boys
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The World
Sun rose with its burning heat on Jola island as people started moving from place to place doing their jobs to make Jola into a proper kingdom while their King slowly opened his eyes on his bed.(Good Morning Sleepy head)"Good Morning Aria"(Hmm So What's the plan for today?)"Well I will just sit tight and let them do there jobs I guess"(Your way to lazy Darling~)"Of course I will be I don't have any expertise so I might as well let the expert handle it"I was saying this because it was true most of the population was working on one thing or another while I don't even know what I am doing, I just take ideas from Aria and send them to Blacksmiths, fisherman, cloth makers and knights. While I just enjoy my time in the castle but it feels wrong like everyone is working hard to live a better life while I am just not doing anything yet i have a better life than them so that's why I took the initiative and declared ourselves a independent kingdom so that I can work with the administrato
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Conley Drama
Empire of Conley, it's a small and young empire which was created just 75 years ago when Ancorna's princes waged war against each other for the throne many lives were lost.So then princess Luna railed 2 kingdoms to establish a empire however they didn't like the idea of a women running an empire however after 2 years of continues war they sue for peace making Conley Empire. The Conley Empire is very different from the Empires in the Easten Continent, They believe in peaceful succession as such they created a rule where whenever a nobel family needs to select a new head the empire helds a sumit where all the eligible heirs need to present why they want to become the next heir and what difference they will make to council of nobles selection.Right now The Emperor is Stepping down in 2 months as such the summit will be held in next 4 months time. The Empire is facing pressure from Ancorna as Prince Eli is trying to conquer Conley so that his father will make him the Crown prince and now
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Issues and Feeling Useless
In an old looking stone room , there was a huge table where many people were sitting around the table. A young man at the age of 15 was sitting in the middle at the far end of the table. "Your Majesty we have been rationing the food to everyone according to the requirements you told us but the food won't last another month" "Yes your Majesty, not only that the fishermen have been catching fish at night by lighting a fire but still we don't have enough food for everyone if the stock you bought is consumed at this rate." This was the old caste in which Eugene was staying in Jola, these people were Sarah and her administrators. When he summoned all the professionals in the city to give jobs, he gave Sarah the job to gather all who can read and write to record food consumption and other stuff. He initially thought that they might be able to hold on with the food he bought till the potatoes grew but it seems that was his wishful thinking. He searched the database with Aria and found th
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Captain Freeman
The ocean looked like an enormous pool of wonder. It was exceptionally blue with a slight green undertone. The surface looked as though it was covered with millions of diamonds crashing with the waves , the clam of the ocean was disrupted in an instant as a few large battleships started sailing in a formation forward like Lions appearing in the ocean. These Ships didn't have a flag on them, nobody can guess from where these ships are but one can tell that these ships are headed for battle. No Ships or Boats were here, only these 20 Battleships with no flag on them sailing slowly in the darkness of the night. Many Knight-like warriors were on board this ship , they were "Knight-like" because their Armor didn't have any crest on them so it was hard to say if they were official Knights or just some people wearing Knight Armor. A handsome Man was standing on a Balcony on the biggest Battleship in this formation. He had a scar on his left eye , golden brown eyes and pointy ears. His unnatu
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Development So Far
The Sun was Rising from the East Casting its light on the sand. The wind was brezing really strong in doing so, creating a huge screen of sand which was flying across the sky as if it was a huge monster. The wind traveled the same old Desert land till it reached a point where even it was confused by the greenery this place had.People were running from one place to another hurriedly. In a small area a tent was placed where food was being distributed while people formed a line to eat it. Everyone's plates had Fish meat and some bread in it with some potato soup, this was totally impossible just a few months ago but now it all seemed like it was just a bad dream, in another part of the outside the City there were many weird things placed if anyone saw them they would thing these are show pieces but when you look at all the knights running around it you will think twice. The knights place a few huge stones ne
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