Vincent has spent his last three days here in Sasaki doing what he always wanted to do. He roamed around the streets and learning their cultures. He now knows the name of the cloth he is wearing, which is a kimono. He tasted a lot of different foods, but the food that he didn’t like was the natto. Some beans-like food that he didn’t like the texture. Vincent can tell the taste by his smell, so he knew he didn’t like it. And 3 days clearly isn’t enough. But they have to go. Students are required to assemble at the Central Continent 2 days prior to the day of the Academy Showdown. It is to tally up the scores of students and choose those who will participate in the Showdown. And it is also for students to be able to spend New Year’s Eve with their families, if their families are waiting. Vincent still wants to experience a lot in Sasaki, but they have to go home this midnight. The people of Sasaki have

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