Vision Of Ardiane

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Vision Of Ardiane

By: Daphne Blaze CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Having a crazy continuous dream like a drama series during my childhood, I realize I’m in the body of a character named Airis Absalom, daughter of the Absalom duchy. She happens to be an introvert, respectful and beautiful lady, but she died a miserable death, killed by the heartless mad future emperor, Aiden Alexander Ambrose. Not only her death, but also Ardiane empire’s total downfall. In order for me to not meet the same end and prevent the disaster I’ve seen, I made a deal with the hero, Azher Alexander Ambrose, the 4th prince. I promised to make him the next emperor in return for him to sponsor my world travel – trying to find a way to return. Living in this dream-reality, will I be able to return and succeed in saving Ardiane?

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    Nice and fantastic story line..looking forward its sequential if any..keep it up! ...

    2022-03-21 19:56:04
  • nm_chm


    This story is so interesting...… I like this… Keep up the daily updates author...

    2022-03-21 14:51:36
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82 chapters
MEMORY 1: Meeting The Main Character (Pt.1)
"My lady, Lord Julian is waiting for you downstairs.""Please tell him I'll arrive in a bit.""Yes, my lady."*Thud-! *The sound of Mina – my personal maid – closing the door of my room rings into my ear. Eyes glancing once more at the reflection in the mirror, I smile in satisfaction. The reflection of 'me', wearing an extravagant navy blue tulle dress, sewn with sparkly white chiffon and a dozen of blue roses, matched with pearl-designed jewelry accessories. It suits exceptionally well with 'my' radiant silver hair and deep mysterious purple eyes."Finally, I can meet you, the true heir for the throne, Azher." I mumble, can't wait to start the show. ***** I fasten up my pace like a little child merely running as my gaze lands on Julian, 'my' brother, who is patiently waiting and standing in the lobby of our mansion. Julian notices my edgy appearance and turns to me. I stop right in front of h
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MEMORY 1: Meeting The Main Character (Pt.2)
As the last prince makes his entrance, I carefully observe his appearance – in case I assume the wrong person to be Azher. Black hair as the sleepless night sky, grey eyes like a hazy shadow. A face that's definitely worth airing on-screen and a charismatic finest aura that fits perfectly for the emperor's role."Yup, I definitely guessed the right person." I mumble underneath my breath.All the guests remain silent as the emperor starts his welcoming speech. I don't hear a thing for my attention is too focus on only Azher, the hero in my Vision Of Ardiane. ***** "My answer is no. Get out from my eyesight while I'm being nice." He shoves me right away, turning his back to me.I'm very stunned that my eyes blink a few times in disbelief. I haven't yet said anything and was kicked out instantly?"Pardon me, Your Highness. I'm afraid you have gotten the wrong idea. I'm not here to confess." I dare to correct Az
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MEMORY 1: Meeting The Main Character (Pt.3)
He looks somewhat surprised hearing my explanation. Seeing that, the end of my lips rises a bit. I guess Vision Of Ardiane was true."…!" Abruptly, he redraws his sword at my neck. Not even a single minute had yet passed!"What you said just now was true. I have no choice, but to eliminate your existence within the empire.""W-What?! I told you I'm not the one who sent the assassins!" I yell in panic. This guy really isn't aware of my identity!The sharp blade is getting closer and closer to cutting my neck veins. I can't die here. I can't die now!"I don't want any bloodshed to happen, but you asked for it."His chilling voice is like a curse in my ears. My body is slightly shivering. I'm aware he's heartless towards his enemies, but this is absolute madness! In this life-death situation, I try to come out with a plan, but nothing pops up. My body can't stop shivering no matter how hard I try. It can't end here. I've prepared everyth
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MEMORY 2: Beginning Of Our Tale (Pt.1)
"Ughh… My head." I wake up and sit as I rub the back of my head. I check my surroundings and realize I'm in my room. "Eh? Wasn't I at the imperial palace last night? I don't recall coming home with Julian."I look at the clock hanging at the wall near my bed, the hour and minute hand showing it's 11:18 a.m."I-It's almost midday?! Why didn't Mina wake me up?!" I yell in panic, quickly kicking off the blanket on me and in action to get off the bed."But… If Mina didn't wake me up, that means there's nothing important to do today." I remind myself, instantly calm down.*Knock. Knock*Someone knocks on the door and slowly opens it, not bothering to wait for my response. As the door fully opens, I instantly recognize the figure. It is the dukedom's physician. Before I can ask why he's here, he rushes to me as fast as lightning."Thank goodness you're awake, my lady! Everyone was worried!" He says, a relieved and grateful expression
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MEMORY 2: Beginning Of Our Tale (Pt.2)
Unexpectedly, he hands me a glass of water. "Please have some water. You look pale, Lady Airis."I glance at the glass and hesitate. He did attempt to kill me last night and mention he needs to eliminate my existence. What if it's poisoned?Perhaps noticing my hesitation, he let out a sigh and places the glass on the night table beside. "I apologize again for last night. I didn't realize I was crossing the line."I grasp my blanket tightly. Again, the unmeaningful fake words. Anger, mad, and upset. Those are the feelings I'm currently oppressing from bursting.'Hah, don't joke with me. Didn't realize you were crossing the line? Does he thinks drawing a sword aimed at a person's neck isn't crossing the line?! Is a person's life so trifling to you?'Despite my eagerness to slap that all straight into his thick-skinned face, I remain calm. My life is more important. Even though he's in our manor, that doesn't mean he can't kill me right now. I better
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MEMORY 2: Beginning Of Our Tale (Pt.3)
"Do you accept? No matter how you see it, Your Highness has nothing to lose." I say in a vendor-like manner. No matter what, the deal needs to be done today!"I have a question. Why do you intend to help me become the next emperor? Everyone knows that Aiden is more likely to be the next one."I scoff in disgust. "I think Your Highness of all people should know how Ardiane will unfold if that scumbag becomes the emperor.""Scumbag?""That evil two-faced guy doesn't deserve to be called a prince. He acts like 'Hello. I'm the empire's precious diamond for you all' when he's actually the 'I'm a plagiarized diamond made by a pirated company'. I'm sure the empire, no. The world would be better without his existence." I purposely make fun of Aiden, the villain in my dream in front of Azher, the hero.A laugh breaks out from him again. Though this time, it isn't a mocking laugh. It's a genuine laugh. "That's the first time anyone had ever insulted an imper
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MEMORY 3: Opening The Curtains (Pt.1)
I walk out of Lady Airis' room and slowly sigh. What a weird lady. Thank god Felix helped me carry and took her home last night. However, I'm curious. How come she's aware of the truth behind Mother and Zane's murder? Even father, whose position is the emperor, isn't aware of it. I know the truth from Felix, who secretly witnessed that accident. I'm unsure whether to trust her or not, but time will decide that.And the deal about helping me become the next emperor. I originally thought she was there to confess last night, but I was wrong. When she proclaimed knowing the truth of the murder, I quickly assumed she was a spy sent to threaten me. Turns out, she just wanted to make a deal. A weird deal at that.Morefore, she's something else. Not your average noble lady. In my entire life, I have never met someone who dares mock an imperial in front of another imperial without any hesitation."Your Highness!" Someone shouts from behind, though I don't need to guess w
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MEMORY 3: Opening The Curtains (Pt.2)
"Let's get you to engage!" I voice my idea excitedly, clapping my hands once."W-What?!" Julian stutters in shock. Just by his reaction, it's clear he completely disagrees. But there's no solution better than this one!"Think about it. Not many rumors affect Lady Cecilia every time she bothers and clings to you. But if you have a fiancée, people will say she's disturbing another's fiancée and she'll be forced to stop." I explain, then munch on a chocolate cookie served on white porcelain with gold lines on the table.Julian and I are talking in my room about how to solve matters with Lady Cecilia – the daughter of a count who clings onto my brother as if Julian is her husband – without tarnishing Absalom's reputation. This had been occurring for over a year now. I'm helping him because he had helped me a lot when I 'forgot things' – he's not aware of the truth – and I regard him as my 'real brother'. I'm certain the original
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MEMORY 3: Opening The Curtains (Pt.3)
If things are happening according to Vision Of Ardiane, Aiden will be elected as the crown prince, and ascend the throne 2 weeks after due to the emperor's death – murder to be exact. His ruling times were the darkest era of Ardiane. He'll rule with great cruelty without a single sense of humanity. All commoner men and children would be captured and forced to do hard labor, while women were arrested for sexual desires.As for Airis, don't know if it's a blessing or a curse, she became Aiden's wife. He didn't make anyone his consort or empress, only took in wives.Because of the havoc caused, Azher and Adam joined forces as well with some nobles. They are known as Elite. The Absalom duchy was one of the houses. Because of Airis' position as Aiden's wife, she was assigned to be a spy in the imperial palace. Despite Aiden ruling cruelly, he had never hurt her. Airis also constantly pursued Aiden, hoping that he'll stop this madness.Soon after, Aiden found ou
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MEMORY 4: New Technology (Pt.1)
"A maid from the duke's manor had arrived. She said she has something important to give you. Most likely to be Lady Airis' maid." Felix reports."Anything suspicious in the past few days?""Nothing in particular. She'd only stay in the manor.""…Let her in." I give my permission after thinking for a while. Felix nods and brings in the maid. She bows down, greeting me."Greetings upon the fourth sun, Prince Azher Alexander Ambrose.""Stand forth. What brings you to the imperial palace?"Rather than answering, she glances towards Felix and the maids who are standing at the corners of my office, watching us.'She wants what happens here, stays here, huh?'I make eye contact with Felix, signing him to leave. He obeys and leaves the room, followed by the maids. By then, it is just the two of us."I assumed Lady Airis wants this to be a secret?""Yes. Thank you for your understanding, Your Highness."I nod
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