Vengeance From Despised Son-In-Law

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Vengeance From Despised Son-In-Law

By: Psychodiary OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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William Frank, the despised son-in-law of the Patterson's family, actually a descendant of the most respectable family in Melbourne. He was separated from his family when he was still a baby. Now that William has returned to his position as an heir to his family's fortune, he will avenge all the humiliation he has received untill now.

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A Loser
The starry sky tonight made William feel a little better even though he just heard from his friend that he had been scammed by his co-workers.William then left his room and climbed down the stairs that lined with red carpet and had golden railings. He stopped on the last stair and focused his eyes on the sight of a family who appeared to be having a small dinner party.The Patterson family seemed happy as they celebrated Thomas Patterson's success. Thomas is the Patterson's first son-in-law, meanwhile William is the second."We must celebrate Thomas's victory tonight...""This accomplishment will belong to all of us. We will go on vacation to Hawaii..."Proudly, they gathered in the dining room, raising their glasses of wine to celebrate Thomas's achievement in a project deal worth one hundred million dollars.Meanwhile, William hesitated to approach them. He had just been scammed by an irresponsible person who promised William a project with a large amount of profit to be divided eq
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Choice of Mr. Patterson's
"What reason made you come here, William?"William met his father-in-law in the office, the handsome man with a little beard under his chin was about to tell Mr. Patterson something."I want to divorce Bianca, Dad. It seems like I'm just causing trouble for you all." He hesitated to say it, but last night Bianca was very angry and decided to divorce him."Do you think I'm going to grant your request? I brought you here and married you to my daughter so you could take care of her! Why do you want to divorce your wife?!" The old man spoke in a high note, making William unable to do anything but be quiet."But, Dad. This divorce is Bianca's will, I can't continue this marriage. I'm afraid if this happens, I'll hurt her feelings." The 32-year-old man looked sad in front of his father-in-law."I've failed to be a good husband to her. I can't even make her happy. The business I built is always failing." In his heart, he even admitted that he was a loser.William considered himself a lucky l
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Take Over of Company
"This has become my absolute decision! Nothing can change it except for me! Do you understand?"His decision cannot be challenged, William will take over the Patterson family's parent company and manage it.The 69-year-old man then took a sip of wine and said, "Y’all don't know how Thomas works, do you? You only know his victories without knowing how he works!"Even though Mr. Patterson knows Thomas's cunning ways, he still lets his son-in-law do something bad at the family's company. Thomas has several times embezzled funds from one of the Patterson family's subsidiary companies. That's why Mr. Patterson will not entrust the parent company to Thomas."Stop accusing Thomas of wrongdoing, Dad! I believe Thomas has never done anything bad! He's a good man! We've always known Thomas always brings good name to our family! Unlike your chosen son-in-law here!" The blonde-haired woman immediately pointed at William with a red face because of her anger spilling over."You don't know what happ
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His Father-In-Law's Accident
William and his father-in-law headed to the office together, and seeing how fond Mr. Patterson was of William made Thomas seethe with envy. Now, he knew what he had to do. Mr. Patterson's personal driver started to accelerate the car that he and his boss were driving. It was William's first day working at the company, and the first time in six years that he had a job that was much better than his previous one. His past life was very sad, living in poverty with both parents deceased. Furthermore, there was not a single penny of inheritance left by his poor parents. "William? Today, I'm going to meet with one of my colleagues. Are you interested in meeting him?" His father-in-law asked, breaking his morning reverie. "Of course.” William replied with a slow nod. Throughout the journey, Mr. Patterson gave him directions on how to become the CEO of the Patterson family's main company. He learned it very well and carefully. This time, he would try to prove that he was not a loser. ***
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Arriving at the hospital, they received news about Mr. Patterson's condition from the doctor who had just treated the middle-aged man."How's my husband doing now, Doc?" Mrs. Patterson asked, her eyes shining with worry as she looked at the doctor."I'm sorry, we couldn't save your husband..." the doctor said with regret. Like lightning striking, the entire family was shocked by the bad news. Mrs. Patterson screamed hysterically, her body feeling weak until she passed out. Arianna and Nikki immediately approached their mother lying on the floor. The worry and concern of Mr. Patterson's two daughters were so dominant.Meanwhile, William is now heading back to the mansion to meet Bianca and inform her about his father's current condition."Bianca!" He ran quickly to meet his wife in the room, quickly climbing up the stairs. However, his steps stopped when William stood in front of the brown door handle with a silver handle belonging to him and his wife's room. He heard a sound that didn
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Defamed and Badly Treated
The sister-in-law gave William a hard slap, and the woman was furious to see her husband treated so badly by a coward in her own family."Sis, I have to tell you. Thomas and Bianca are lovers. They're both affair on back you!" William confessed all the truth he saw earlier. The woman furrowed her eyebrows, while Thomas walked up to his wife and said, "That's not true, Arianna! He's lying, William accused me!"Instead of believing him, Arianna slapped her brother-in-law back, "Don't ever accuse my husband! He's a good man, not a coward like you!" Her sister-in-law scoffed and insulted her with harsh words, but it didn't make William upset. Hasn't insults and verbal abuse from the Patterson family been his daily bread? He was immune to it all. It's just that he looked disappointed when his sister-in-law didn't believe him."What's going on here?" Nikki walked up to them after secretly following Arianna. Although her attitude was so arrogant, Nikki tried to break up their three-way fight
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Revealed Past
“Please tell me why you hurt your own father-in-law," a police officer interrogated William for a statement. Apparently, Thomas set him up. His brother-in-law accused and provided evidence that led to William in various ways. He was a real b*stard, William would never forget it!"I didn't even do anything!" William denied the police statement that he had hurt his own father-in-law. He didn't even know the man who claimed to be William's henchman to sabotage Mr. Patterson's car brakes. However, he did meet the stranger at the office during his inauguration as CEO of his family's parent company, and they talked privately. But their talk was only about work.Meanwhile, the police in front of him continued to corner him with questions, making William angry enough to bang the table hard. He went wild and made a fuss, and some police officers came and took him back to the holding cell.His steps halted when Thomas stood in front of him, with a smug smile and mocking him. "A loser like you i
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As A Suspect
"But, Sir...""No more time, Matthew! He's my son, he must be the heir in my family, Matthew." Hendry said with a sad look.A gunshot was heard from outside, startling those in the room. Hendry started to panic, holding his newborn baby in his arms, kissing both of his little angel's cheeks for a moment."Forgive me, son. I have to do this..." With a heavy heart, Hendry handed his child over to Matthew, asking his trusted man to take his son far away. As a father, he didn't want anything bad to happen to his precious child.Matthew complied with his master's orders, immediately leaving through the back door to escape with him. He felt sorry for his master's baby."You have a tough fate, young master." After successfully leaving Hendry's residence, Matthew paused for a moment and looked pitifully at the baby boy in his arms. So pitiful, but his master's decision was indeed right. The heir of his family must remain alive and safe. Matthew went to a village called Moonee Valley.Over the
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Encounter with Biological Father
Before he passed away, the man wrote a letter that is now in Matthew's possession, who was also present in court to testify.Upon hearing of the man's death, Thomas became angry and exclaimed, "Damn!" He tried to leave the courtroom, but his lawyer held him back. Nevertheless, Thomas had to attend the trial as he was the one who implicated William in the death of his father-in-law.Matthew looked at Thomas cynically, holding the letter tightly in his hand. He realized that the contents of the letter could change William's fate in this trial."I won't let Mr. William rot in prison for this accusation," he said. He would fight to free William from this charge as a redemption for his past sins.The judge began questioning William about the events surrounding his father-in-law's death. William honestly stated that he did not commit any heinous act against Mr. Patterson that resulted in his death.After a while, Matthew stood up and was allowed to testify. He gave an account of the content
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Acquired Patterson's Holding Company
One of his colleagues corroborated it, telling him that the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. William had an idea, he instructed his subordinate to go to the Patterson family's holding company and buy their stocks. He was so interested in buying stocks there because, at that time, Thomas became the CEO of the company."We will acquire the Patterson’s holding company." However, one of his colleagues disagreed with William's plan."Are you really going to buy stocks there? If we buy their stocks, it will be a waste of time." The Patterson family's subsidiary was known to be infamous among the public, with many high-ranking officials in the company engaging in corruption or bribing their subordinates to keep quiet from the media. Moreover, the company had been deteriorating even more since the passing of Mr. Patterson."Don't worry, Sandy. Leave this to me. I have thought this through." William's decision was unquestionable; he immediately ordered his subordinate to go to Patterson
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