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By: Ladyveekee OngoingUrban/Realistic

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West Vincente’s life takes a turn from bad to worse after the shocking death of his mother. He is forced into the world of a ruthless fierce woman after being captured and sold in an underground illegal ring. Carla Alvarez has always gotten everything she wanted in life but yet she felt empty until she saw him through the glass and bid for him. Carla knows her actions are questionable and this becomes evident when her father finds out what she has done. Carla wants West but she has no idea how to express her feelings. West is terrified of his master, Carla and he tries to get his freedom instead. Antonia, Carla's rival, also wants a piece of the action. The stakes are higher and West finds himself in the middle of a brutal rivalry. What happens when West gets kidnapped by a mysterious figure who claims to have been hired by a late uncle. An uncle he never knew existed and who seemed to have left him a huge fortune.

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Chapter one
“How are you feeling now?” He asked, worry etched in his eyes.Suddenly the room felt like it was spinning and West had to brace up as the full impact of the shock hit him.“I'm sorry for keeping it from you, West.” His mother said in a low voice, her eyes flickered as she struggled to fight back the tears. “I'm so sorry.”“It's fine, mum ,It's not that important.” West said in a soothing voice. “Your health is more important right now.”His mother tried to speak but she couldn't find the right words. She knew he was hurt even though he was trying hard to hide it and it broke her heart to know she was causing her son so much pain. She knew West didn't deserve any of it. He had his whole life to live and now when she was gone he would spend his life trying to settle her debts or better still sell the house he grew up in which was worse when she thought about it.“I'm so sorry.” She said helplessly as the tears fell freely. “I don't want to leave knowing I've caused you so much pain.”W
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Chapter two
How does he know my name? He wondered as he felt his body go limp in fear.“How?” The question paused on his lips.He smiled with a satisfied look on his face. He was enjoying every moment of it and he wanted West to know.“You’re wondering how I know your name, where you live, where you work, your ridiculously dreary morning routine, and how you go to the hospital every day to see your mother. It's my job to know these things, West.” He said, cooly but West's flesh sizzled feverishly.“Relax now.” He said yawning with a bored look. “I'm mostly harmless. How much do you want?”Fear had snatched West's voice rendering him unable to use it but he managed to tell the thin man what had brought him there. He listened silently until West was done and then he said, “How do you intend to pay back? We both know you're poor and have nothing except for that cute little house. ““I don't know yet but I'll do everything I can to make sure I pay you back.” He said, helplessly. “But the house is off
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Chapter three
His quest to find the money he needed to settle the loan sharks took him around the place and soon he became a wanderer moving from city to city never able to stay in one place for too long.The loan shark sent people to find him but he knew about that and stayed one step ahead of them. The only thing he had was his life and he wasn't about to give that away just yet. He had a promise to his mother about staying alive and he intended on doing just that.Soon he came into a town where he heard about a woman that might be able to get him a job that would help him stay hidden from the loan shark’s radar while making him earn just enough to get his loan settled in the shortest possible time. West didn't trust the information but it was his first fig leaf and he had to see if it was real or not.West spent the night at a hotel using a fake name and the next morning, he went to the mansion of the woman he had heard about. West wore a beat down sweatshirt and uncomfortable pants with a baseb
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Chapter four
West woke up to the powerful smell of bleach. The harsh smell squeezed his guts and he cringed, writhing his nose and retreating to the edge.The first thing West noticed was that he wasn't in the office anymore. He was in a human sized cage. The next thing he noticed was that his clothes had been replaced with what looked like ragged fashioned to be wearable and smelled like body sweat from its former owners.West tried to remember how he had ended up in that horrible, horrible place but he couldn't remember anything after taking the drink. He drugged me, he realized after a moment.He tried to move in the cage but he was hit by vertigo and slipped down, panting hard. The effects of the drugs hadn't worn off completely.West stayed there counting from zero to ten and counting down to zero again. He tried to stand again after a while but the world around him spun out of control.On his third try, West was able to crawl around the cage and he discovered there was nothing inside the dam
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Chapter five
The room was an upgrade to the dreary cell he had spent the night in and he could tell that the owner of the mansion came from wealth.West knew his life was never going to be the same. He was no longer a person with rights but a commodity to be bought and sold; owned. The circumstances of his situation troubled him so much that he couldn't even appreciate the aesthetic state-of-the-art decor that made the room feel so comfortable and appealing.He hadn't been expecting to get sold so quickly but the biggest shock came when he realized how much he had been bought for. A billion dollars! He knew he wasn't worth that amount if he had to be honest. Maybe a couple thousand dollars but not a penny more.“Relax West." He said to himself, taking a slow steady breath. “It's going to be alright."He knew it wasn't going to be alright. He had been sold to a mysterious buyer for a billion dollars. West was convinced his buyer either wanted to harvest his internal organs and make some profit off
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Chapter six
Tony sat quietly fuming. He was impressed by Carla's office and he felt a deep sense of pride knowing all his daughter had achieved on her own.Tony was in his sixties and he still looked like the type of man that could easily charm the pants off any girl but Tony was too business-minded to be bothered with women.He hated that Carla made him wait every time he wanted to see her. He knew making him wait was her way of showing him she was in charge. Carla was his daughter but she could easily make an iceberg shiver.Carla walked in just when his last shred of patience got exhausted. She hid a smirk seeing him seethe in anger. Carla sat behind her massive desk and regarded her father like she would a deadly python.“What is it?" She asked curtly.Tony took two relaxing breaths before saying, “What is this I'm hearing about you buying ONE man for a billion dollars. Have you gone mad?"“What I do with my money shouldn't concern you, old man," Carla said, snapping at him.“But of course it
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Chapter seven
Carla had a strict policy about lies. She hated telling them and even more so when they were told to her. West's lie had been innocent and she could understand why he had done it but that didn't change the fact it infuriated her. As punishment, she ordered her guards to lock him up in the underground murky room they used as a torture lab slash dungeon.She made him stay there for a day without food or sunlight. It was hard on her too because for some reason she couldn't fully comprehend she kept wondering if he was fine or not. It was only when she ordered her guard to set him free that she experienced peace of mind.Tony was a mastermind, always steps ahead of his rivals in the business world. He was skilled in the art of manipulation and deceit. He concluded that the only way he was going to get Carla in control once again was to get West out of the way and the best way to do that was to let Antonia know about Carla’s interest in the boy. Antonia and Carla had been rivals for years
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Chapter eight
Carla was furious by the time they arrived at the mansion. She was fuming badly and it was all that bitch’s fault. Antonia. Carla’s blood sizzled as she remembered how Antonia had been bold enough to offer to buy West. As if her money meant shit.“Stay away from that woman, West," Carla said without looking at him. “She's bad news."“Ok, Miss Carla." He responded just as she wanted.West wondered what was happening. He wondered if both women had an ongoing beef with each other. It was the only explanation he could think of given Carla's reaction to seeing him talk to her. She had introduced herself as Antonia. I'll have to be extra careful from now on, he thought to himself. The last thing he wanted to do was get on Miss Carla’s bad side.Carla decided she had to channel her rage into something creative. She climbed the stairs straight to her room, slipped out from her gown, and walked into the soothing comfort of the running shower. The warm water did wonders for her body and her min
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