Churciev infiltration

[South west of Churchiev's fish market]

Ethan and the others finally arrived near their destination. Their transport suddenly stopped in an alley surrounded by abandoned flats.

Truck's radio: "This is the closest point we can bring you with a vehicle. Any further than this may alert our enemy about our infiltration. Please prepare to set out into your team destination."

Instantly team one's members with Amon as their lead jumped off the back of the truck. Amon took a look at team three's members then he said on communication radio.

Amon: "Please cover us from a distance while we're advancing north."

Erica: "Roger."

Sniper 3: "I'll guide your team through the radio so listen carefully."

Amon: "Copy that."

They moved out behind ruined buildings as their covers.

Ethan and his team members are waiting for their command to move out from the building. His team tried to guard the entrance of the flat they were in while waiting for further orders.

Erica: " Please don't scatter around too much. We're waiting for a new order."

Ethan ignored her information and walked into the second floor. He wanted to grasp the area as well as scout for the enemy's possible location. He stayed in the corner then he opened his 3D mission map. So far his scouting activity has no fruition.

Amon: "Snipers! Need backup at north 350° 1km from the drop point. We're getting ambushed when we were moving to our assigned point."

Erica: "This is team three's leader (self-appointed). We're going to assist you."

Sniper 4: "This is sniper 4. Please don't leave your post on your own. Sniper 3 will try his best to assist them."

Erica turned off her radio and talked normally.

Erica: "If you want to help them out, follow me. We'll depart immediately."

Five members followed her out of the flat and walked north. Ethan and another guy stayed behind inside the building.

Oscar: "This is Oscar speaking. Six of team three's members left the flat area already to assist team one on their move. Two of us were left behind. We need further instructions please."

Ethan: *This is exactly why we need no leader with no experience at all. They just do whatever they see fit.*

He waited several moments patiently to get new command on what moves they had to make to block the enemy reinforcement or they just need to tag along the other teammates to help the previous team.

Sniper 4: "I spotted a team of six people moving towards your six members from the east side. They will intercept them several meters before team one."

Ethan: "Copy over."

Sniper 3: "Relaying information into them and team one members."

Oscar: "Shall we intercept the enemy's incoming troops?"

Ethan: "That's our only option to save our mission from turning south. Let's move out now!"

Ethan walked downstairs and regrouped with his only teammate left. They both moved while covering each other's backs. Right before they cross the street.

Ethan: "Sniper 4 please cover our movement. We're going to cross the street."

Sniper 4: "Roger that."

Both of them moved as fast as they can. The open space on that three-lane street isn't supposed to be crossed as recklessly as they did just now. They have no other choice but to race to intercept the opponent's backup. Luckily, they have no other company around which will attack them at the moment. They skipped through the rubbles for some minutes before they started to hear some gunshots from afar.

Ethan: "Find a cover before we encountered the enemy squad."

Oscar: "Let's move in a different direction and attack them from the rear. We may catch them off guard if we do that."

Sniper 4: "Negative. They are around two blocks ahead of you. They will find your moves if you just do it now. Just stick together because six of them moved behind a grocery store. Wait for my cue shot and use that opportunity. Over"

Both Ethan and Oscar replied with affirmative then they continued their advances towards the enemy. They moved into a building behind another ruin right next to the grocery store they headed into. Both of them wait patiently until sniper 4 made an opening with a headshot.

Enemy: "Sniper! Take cover!"

That shot managed to throw the enemy formation into confusion. While they are moving as fast as they can to their destination, Ethan flanked them before they managed to make a cover. He shot down two of the enemy members who he caught off guard with continuous shots at the enemy formation.

Oscar who previously got a bit late on reacting finally took the chance created by both of his colleagues by attacking three remaining enemies from their wide-opened side. He managed to bring down an enemy with several shots he fired to their line. Unfortunately, two other enemies returned his shots on his hiding spot behind the wall.

Oscar: *This kevlar armor saves my life. I need to be more careful next time.*

Those two opponents fired several shots in Oscar's direction but it failed to took him down.

Enemy: "Ambush! Let's retreat!"

As he stated that command, sniper 4 took out his last team member with another shot on his neck. The last enemy ran into Ethan's whereabout which made his back open from Oscar's view. He fired several bullets into him and took him down after he hit his opponents a few times. On the other hand, Ethan finished off his half-dying enemy who got shot in his neck with a bullet on his head.

Sniper 4: "Well done! Congratulations on your first kill but saved the celebration for later. Take a rest for now. You'll have to regroup with your other team members."

Ethan and Oscar did as their superior suggested and nestled inside the grocery store. Oscar laid his body in between the isles inside the store. He removed his armor and started to clean his injured hip which was getting hit by the bullet. Fortunately, that bullet didn't go straight into his flesh but his body armor which only gave him a bruise and minor bleeding.

He began to treat his injury then he said.

Oscar: "Thanks to you and sniper 4 dude I only get a minor injury. It could be a lot worse since we got outnumbered by our enemy. You did well there."

Ethan: "I just tried to maximize the gap sniper 4 created. It's not that great, to be honest. We still need to survive until this mission is done so stay focused because I believe we can get out of this rabbit hole alive."

Oscar rested his injured body for a bit while Ethan drank water left inside the store. They stayed on standby and waited for another order.

[Meanwhile, on Team One site]

Amon: "Where are the enemy's snipers are? They haven't released another shot for a while now. Maybe they're waiting for us to get out of our shelter."

Amon guarded the backdoor while Ye Rin the best sniper on their team stayed on a higher floor monitoring their surrounding.

Sniper 3: "There's an enemy team of four moving into your location from the north. I have no idea what they're up to but they advanced to your location."

Amon: "Noted."

Amon moved into the northern wall and waited near the window. He waited for Ye Rin to notify him of their opponent's location. A minute passed and finally, Ye Rin found their movement near the rubble on the next block. She warned Amon to get ready as well as another guy who stayed inside the building.

As they went near Team One's place, sniper 3 shot one of the enemy soldiers dead with a shot. When they started to look around, Ye Rin released another shot following sniper 3's lead. Amon showered their enemy with barrages of bullets from the window on the first floor. His shots didn't finish them off but that's enough to disarm them. Those disarmed personals got finished off by the following shot taken by sniper 3 and Ye Rin.

Unfortunately, they're not that lucky. One of their teammate got shot in the process. When they just felt relieved, they received another radio call.

Sniper 3: "I found two enemy transport vehicles driving to the southwest at a fast speed. They are currently about 500m away from Team Three spot. Try to move south for now but don't alert the enemy's armed vehicles."

Everyone on Team One did as ordered instantly. They knew that this place isn't a training ground but real warfare unlike what they imagined before.

[Erica's team place]

They moved without any of the sniper's instructions. Erica led her team to rejoin Amon and his team on their north. When they moved north they received a transmission from sniper 3.

Sniper 3: "This is sniper 3 speaking. Get a cover now because I spotted some moving armed trucks into your position. Sniper 4, 5, and 6 please help me in securing the perimeter and zone out other incoming enemies."

Sniper 4, 5, and 6: "Roger that."

Erica: "What shall we do now? Should we rush into Amon's location?"

Her teammates are as clueless as she is right now. They looked into each other for some moments until they got a radio call.

Sniper 4: "I'll give you some guidance for now. You will encounter enemy trucks coming from your northeast. Since your position and Team One are near to each other, you better hide yourselves for now and wait for the enemy to pass by your location."

Erica: "Shouldn't we take them down? Isn't it better that way since we have the number as well?"

Sniper 4: "Just followed the order and turned off your radio now. We'll enter enemy communication radar soon."

Erica: "Alright."

She moved upstairs and scouted the ruins nearby but she found almost nothing. She found a fast-moving vehicle from distance.

Erica: "Enemy trucks spotted shall we attack them?"

Nide: "No idea. We better do as commanded."

Soon after that, enemy trucks fired their machinegun on the building where they hide.

Erica: "They caught our radio signal. Abandoned your position now!"

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