The Demon Empowered Orphan

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The Demon Empowered Orphan

By: Mirara OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In a world filled with abilities and superpowers, Zak Farrell , a 16-year-old boy, is an orphan who is living his life with a little too much optimism, trying his best to get by. Due to him having no ability, he had been bullied and tortured every day. However, for some odd reason, he never complained and always stayed happy no matter what. It was almost unnatural. On one cruel day of immense pain, he realized that the world is a brutal, unforgiving place, making him regain his lost senses. In his moment of desperation, a miracle happened. [ You have unlocked the Demon System ] Now that Zak has the power to change his cruel destiny, how will he use it to get back at the world that wronged him on the road to becoming the demon lord...

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Chapter 1 - Prologue
June 10th, 2021, the now legendary archeologist Alexander Davis was in Mexico studying Mayan ruins. While inside one temple, he discovered a hidden passageway leading deep underground. After walking down a flight of stairs for around 10 minutes, he finally ended up in front of an enormous and spacious room.A strange glowing and poisonous looking green liquid was flowing through the various cracks on the walls and ground, lighting up the room with an ominous green radiance. The walls were lined with rows of bizarre statues with green glowing eyes, their gaze so deep that it almost seemed like they were staring into his soul, almost as if they were alive.He shook his head and took a deep gulp of saliva in order to forget his fears. After thinking long and hard, he finally decided to suck it up and enter the room.As he reached near the center, he noticed a glowing altar with a golden orb floating on top of it.Alexander stood there in shock, admiring the beauty and grandeur of what he
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Chapter 2: A New Beginning
Over five years had passed since the war with the Shalkers ended. Every adult was conscripted in order to stand a chance at winning. Yet, unfortunately, about 1 billion people perished during the war. This was roughly 10% of the world's population.This event left many children as orphans. The government decided to pay for their living expenses until they went to military school. The government only provided them with the bare minimum, enough for food expenses, and a 7 metre by 7 metre apartment room. This was only enough room for a small bathroom, kitchen, bed, tv, and a desk in the corner for studying.Zak Farrell was an orphan living alone in an apartment provided by the government. He belonged to a family of ancient martial artists, training every single day from an extremely young age. The name of his family dojo was "The Way of The Blissful Demon", it was not very well known since it did not focus on ability-oriented training, which Zak did not at all mind as he trained his h
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Chapter 3: Such Nice People
Each of the twenty-six countries had different military schools. Zak lived in country Z, so he would be attending a military school in country Z.Private Harry was currently escorting Zak to the nearest teleport station in order to go to his specific military school.Luckily, the teleport station wasn't very far away from Zak 's house as it was only one kilometre away. Zak had never been outside his city, or even his general area for that matter. This meant he had never used a teleporter in his life. Thinking of this made him even more excited than he was before.The Private kept looking back at Zak in confusion.'Why does this kid look so positive and excited? His file says that he has no ability and he gets bullied and abused every day, so why is he so cheerful? This kid must have gone crazy.', he thought.After 10 minutes of walking, they finally reached the teleport station. There were around fifty teleporters arranged in rows. Each teleporter had a long line of at least twent
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Chapter 4: Skills Exam
After hearing the announcement, Zak hurried to find the sign-up area for the combat division. After he searched for a few minutes, Zak found the sign-up booth. He was late for the sign-ups because of his encounter with Nathan, so there weren't too many people in line.Zak lined up and waited for his turn to sign up. After a few minutes of waiting, a mysterious-looking boy lined up behind him. He carried 2 daggers on his waist and he wore a cloak that covered most of his face, so you could not really make out his appearance. This person was Joe, the person Nathan sent to spy on Zak .After a few more minutes of waiting, it was Zak 's turn."Student ID, please.", said a female voice from behind the desk.Zak took out his student ID and handed it to the girl behind the desk. She took the card and scanned it on her computer."Thank you sir. Now please draw a card from this box to see what group you will be in for the skill evaluation exam. As you can tell, we have many students applyi
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Chapter 5: The Breaking Point
Zak walked back to line up with the group after he finished his exam. The entire group was laughing at him due to his poor performance. The only person who was not laughing was Abby. She was the only person in the group that understood how impressive his results actually were.A normal gunshot would give a 800 on the power test. This means that the slash that the abilityless Zak performed with no magic equipment and a rusty sword was able to match the strength of a gunshot. But what impressed her more is how he could decamp during the speed and reflex test. She respected and acknowledged Zak 's progress as a poor abilityless boy. That is why she chose not to laugh at him.As Zak lined up, Leo said,"I have a confession to make. This exam was only a formality and wasn't really even necessary. I will give you a watch right now that you must have on you at all times. This watch can analyze your entire body and assess your power level through the new deep learning military technology.
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Chapter 6: System Unlocked
Zak slowly opened his eyes in a white room. The room had curtains separating him from the rest of the room. He was lying in bed surrounded by medical equipment on each side. The room looked like an infirmary. Zak could only assume that he was in the school nurse's office. His memories were still hazy about what happened and how he ended up in this state. It seemed like he was no longer injured, but his body was still aching so badly that he could barely move.Suddenly, he heard a soft female voice."I see you're finally awake, host. You've been out for over 5 hours now."Zak was startled. He looked all around him, but he could not see a single person."Ha ha ha! I am your new Demon System. I am a part of you now so it's only logical that you can't see me.""Who the heck are you?", Zak asked harshly."I am Avilia Graymore, the first demon lord. Before I died, I sealed my consciousness in that necklace of yours in order to help the future generations of demons.", The system said."Y
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Chapter 7: A Pleasant Surprise
Without thinking for even an instance, Zak accepted the quest while laughing hysterically.Not only would he be able to get his revenge a lot faster thanks to the system, but he would also be greatly rewarded for doing so. It was like a dream come true.Zak was lucky that no one was in the nurse's office because it was still late at night. If that was not the case, then, he would seem like a lunatic psychopath with his dark laugh and the few instances where he talked to himself. Although the system and Zak could communicate telepathically, at times Zak was so ecstatic that he couldn't help but think out loud.All the pieces fell into place in Zak's head. He knew that before he started devising any plans, he needed to become much stronger.Then, he remembered his daily quest. The quest reset at 12 am every day so he had a long time to complete it. But, since he had nothing to do until the morning he decided to do them in the nurse's office. After he added his extra stat points, he was
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Chapter 8: An Old Friend
As soon as he saw that person, Zak had terrible flashbacks to his time in his previous school. The person in front of him was by far one of the biggest bullies he had dealt with. His name is Eric Quinn.Although he was not very strong, he was strong enough to beat Zak. Since he was considered weak, he was bullied every day. Almost every day, he would use Zak as a punching bag and extort him out of a lot of money to vent out his anger.The past Zak was naïve and stupid, so he would always take his beating with no complaints. But now that his mind was clearer, he wanted nothing more than to kill him. Zak did not give a shit about how he was also bullied. Whoever messed with him will get what he deserved. That was his new way of life.Zak decided to act like his previous naively positive personality to not arouse any suspicions.Zak walked towards him and sat right next to him."Hey there, Eric! Its been so long! I'm so glad to see a familiar face in my class!", Zak said with a bright bu
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Chapter 9: The Sweet Taste Of Revenge
Eric and Zak both got ready to fight. Zak unsheathed his rusty Katana and took a fighting stance.The area they were in was a clearing in the forest surrounded by trees.Zak decided to test out his inspect skill on Eric before the fight started:Zak was surprised at the amount of information the inspect skill provided him. It not only provided him with what ability his opponent has and what level the ability is. It also provided him with all their stats.Zak made a few observations while examining the information that was provided to him. The first was that he used mana instead of demon energy. This must be their energy pool for using their ability. Second, each ability has a level next to it which corresponds to how much the skill has developed. Third, and last, is that he has 0 points in mind."Mind is a statistic that corresponds to mental powers such as mind control. It is a given that he doesn't possess any points in mind.", Avilia explained."Then how do I have 10 points in mind
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Chapter 10: Evolution!?
Before Zak got the chance to celebrate, a flurry of system notifications flooded his vision. The amount of XP he farmed off Eric was insane! It made him level up 10 times in a row. Zak imagined that he would get a lot of XP, but even he didn't expect to get this much.Zak patted himself on the back for his amazing accomplishment. He jumped up and down celebrating like a child opening his presents on Christmas. He was too happy to hold back his excitement.Then, he noticed that one notification lingered and didn't disappear like the others.Zak stopped his celebration and wore his usual serious expression.He didn't know the exact meaning of the notification so he didn't want to rush into any decision."Avilia, what is this evolution thing?" Zak inwardly asked."It's a surprise! If I tell you now, it will ruin it!" Avilia said in a cute tone."Some help you are…" Zak said while sighing."Don't be like that! Fine, I
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