War Bringer

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War Bringer

By: Gideon Indra OngoingSystem

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Ethan has been raised by the Northern Empire orphanage since he was a child. He's been sold to Empire's military camp in order to solve the orphanage financial problem. The Empire planted nano-machine to keep Ethan's training progress tracked as well as to monitor him. Northern Empire decided to appoint Ethan as one of their special agents to serve their purpose. What is the true purpose of the Northern Empire?

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    will there be a continuation

    2022-07-21 20:53:23
  • Roger Langley


    when will we see the rest of the novel? don't leave us hanging!!!!!!

    2023-07-20 04:12:42
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7 chapters
Ethan's childhood
Earth has entered its third Millenium. The old nations have merged into four big countries due to continuous war in the 26th century until the 29th century which brought a huge climate change into the World. The big four countries consist of Northern Empire, Western Republic, Eastern Monarch, and Southern Archipelago. The newly founded human civilization also began to develop itself on Mars. They named their civilization as Space Colony.   [Northern Empire one of an orphanage, 3005]   Ethan and the other kids playing football in the front yard happily. His teammate passed the ball into him which was already in position sent the ball he received flying into the enemy's goal line. The children who don't join the game instantly cheered when they saw that brilliant opportunity Ethan has in front of his opposition goal. He kicked the ball hard into the opponent's goal and managed to take the lead over the enemy's team. The viewer
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Medical check
That arduous training stayed as their daily routine for a few months after their arrival. In that period, recruits kept coming from all over Northern Empire territory. Orphans number in the camp continuously grew from just sixteen of them into a few hundred which made Ethan and the other first recruits stunned at how crazy jammed their little barrack became in the last three months. After three months passed, Ethan got a new training schedule now. It grew harsher on this newly developed training plan.   Ethan and the other first-month recruits have weapon training straight after they finished conditional training that was assigned to them previously. He got more muscular than three months ago when he still lived happily in the orphanage. All orphans in the training facility don't even want to try to escape from the building because all they can see from the training field is just a snowfield. They doubt their ability to survive in the wilderness at the moment ev
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Training mission
Ethan grudgingly walked to his "youth barracks" to meet two of his superiors who already waited for his arrival. He hoped those two training maniacs wouldn't grant him a new training plan as his congratulation reward on the day when he was finally recognized as a recruit in the military camp. Ethan: *What the heck they've been treating me these past four months as?* He kept his pace steady even when his thoughts raced everywhere else. He didn't even trust what he heard from Rakovic even though he told him what the nano-machine antibody is. He barely had any confidence in believing in someone again after the orphanage incident.   Soon after that, he arrived in the barracks lounge where the two of them chatted happily when waiting for him. Rolf: "Finally you're here, huh. Drop your formality and take a seat." Regas: "How did you feel when you know that you came out as the first one?" Ethan moved towards them warily. He certa
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Churciev infiltration
[South west of Churchiev's fish market] Ethan and the others finally arrived near their destination. Their transport suddenly stopped in an alley surrounded by abandoned flats.Truck's radio: "This is the closest point we can bring you with a vehicle. Any further than this may alert our enemy about our infiltration. Please prepare to set out into your team destination."Instantly team one's members with Amon as their lead jumped off the back of the truck. Amon took a look at team three's members then he said on communication radio.Amon: "Please cover us from a distance while we're advancing north."Erica: "Roger."Sniper 3: "I'll guide your team through the radio so listen carefully."Amon: "Copy that."They moved out behind ruined buildings as their covers. Ethan and his team members are waiting for their command to move out from the building. His team tried to guard the ent
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Erica critical condition
Erica's team tried to abandon their cover since they blew their cover. Two vehicles moved even faster into their site while keeping their firepower barraging their escape. Erica: "Shit!" She ran as fast as she can trying to shake her tail. Two trucks moved in a different direction to pincer attack Team Three location. Her teammate's number got reduced down to four persons now after two of them got obliterated by the enemy's machinegun continuous shots. They kept running in between the ruins with giving care to another thing around them.   [Amon's location]   Sniper 3: "Stop moving south. We have a situation on our Team Three's site. Their radio transmission got located by enemy vehicles. Don't reply to this information as enemy radar may catch your message." Amon heard the radio call and keep moving tightly with his team. They turned off their radio instantly after they heard it. Amon and the remainin
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Tactical retreat
He carried Oscar in his back while marching back to their transport. He moved between covers put his friend down then checked the perimeter to avoid unnecessary surprise attacks by the enemy team. At least he won't need to worry about Oscar when he left him in a safe place that way. He didn't dare to move through the highway but he chose to move there through the alleyway. Although he could only move a little by a little, he still gave his best to reach the rendezvous as soon as he can. It took him some hours before he finally arrived at his temporary base which was his transport. Cheron: "This is Cheron, the chief of this operation. Abort the mission for now. All transport units pick up our soldiers immediately. All recruits send your detailed location to your corresponding vehicle. We'll meet again outside the southern part of the warehouse zone." Officer 1&2: "Roger that." Cheron turned off the radio from the whole communication channel and swi
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Terrorist hideout
They arrived at their previous base and greeted back their instructors. Their instructors didn't say much although they're originally just wanted to motivate those youngins. Base officers led them back into their barrack and they just followed these officers. Regas: "Perhaps It's time to increase their training level. What do you think?" Rolf: "Well, the sooner the better I guess. Their mission counts will start to increase sooner or later anyway. I'd rather give them a drill to remember than a bitter memory to carry for the whole of their lives." Ethan and other recruits spent almost two months training under the revised training plan. They got a lot of growth compared to the other recruits who haven't done their first mission yet. It's especially more effective for those who were fighting the enemy before. Ethan sat down after he did his routine and checked his status growth which he hadn't even checked for a while.   [Status] N
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